“My Mother Made a Meat Loaf”

Arianna, Jaxon, Maximo, Emilia, Elijah, Cristina, Tori, Star, Naya, Malachi, Kyla, Fatima, Alice, Naydelin, Mia, Zariah, & Evelyn

Score: Spectacular

This group performance was phenomenal. I loved the choreography and the enthusiasm. I can tell this was rehearsed and I enjoyed watching it. Amazing Job! Thank you for sharing your poem and participating!

8 comments on ““My Mother Made a Meat Loaf”

Amanda Ambriz says:

I love how all these students collaborated to make a piece of art come to life! This is very well-rehearsed, with great choreography and everyone looks like they are having a great time, which always makes it more fun!

Ashley Vivian says:

Great addition will all of the little pictures that you guys held up. You all stayed on the same pace and rhythm as one another and that is truly impressive, considering the size of the group. It made it easy to hear the poem you were reciting. I definitely wouldn’t want to eat that meatloaf! Yucky! Thanks for all of the hard work and time you put into this.

Samantha Magana says:

Awesome group performance. You all really worked hard and it shows. I like that this was a larger group size and so organized. Also, the pictures held up were such a neat touch. Thank you for submission and being a part of the 2021 Virtual Peach Blossom.

Mai V says:

Wow! What a fantastic performance. All your hard work really shined through. I love the choreography, movements and picture prompts used. The hand movements and feet stomping went well with the story line too. Great job!

Courtney Logan says:

Wow, what an amazing group of kids! I remember being in an Oral Interpretation group in elementary school, so this video brought back so many pleasant memories. The choreography was very well done along with amazing enthusiasm from the group. This was a large group for this story and they showed amazing teamwork. Great work everyone!

Zhavon Mireles says:

Excellent job to each of you! I was giggling the whole time! I love meatloaf but never want to try your mothers’ meatloaf now. Well put together and amazing how in sync you all were even while wearing your mask. Loved the props!

Jessica Perez says:

Hi all

What a spectacular performance. You guys must have been practicing all year. I was able to hear every word of your performance regardless of your face mask, so great job on annunciating. I found your choice of poem to be so fun, especially the topic of the poem being about moms meat loaf. I love how each and every one of you guys performed so in sync with each other, yet still added your own unique spin to it all. Watching this/seeing the results of your time and hard work, really put a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing.

Alyssa says:

Yes I loved this performance, everyone spoke so clearly. I loved the choreography, and all the pictures that were used in this poem!

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