“My Dog Is Not Like Other Dogs”

Arabella, Kataleya, Rajahn, Asah, Logan, Alyzah, Emma, Joseph, & Maylynn

Score: Spectacular

Spectacular performance students! You all did a marvelous job of memorizing your poem and projecting all of your voices together! The howling and dance moves were incredibly impressive! What a fantastic group of first graders! Thank you all so much for sharing and being a part of the Peach Blossom Festival!

21 comments on ““My Dog Is Not Like Other Dogs”

Elise says:

We love Ken Nesbit! Every single one of you projected your voices so loudly and clearly, and your gestures took this piece of art from paper to real life! I have a goofy dog myself – but I don’t think she can tell the time!

Enrique Atanacio says:


Great job everyone! I could hear you nice and clear. And to think I thought my dog was like other dogs. Silly me!

Well done!


Lorenzo Sanchez says:

You all did an amazing and barktastic job for your poem and video, You are all bright, smart, and have great memories. You all have the best dogs and it is not like any other dog. Great JOB!!!!

Janet Booth says:

You all brought a smile to my day and did such a wonderful job! You sounded great and every one of you stood out and shined brightly – I love the dog paw shirts! Way to be BOLD! Go ‘Dogs!

Adriana Moya says:

This was so lovely! I was smiling all throughout the video. All of you were so clear and enthusiastic. I loved the way you guys howled and moved your body along with the different lines of the poem. I am so proud of you all!

Ryan Jones says:


Great team work gang!!!

Thank you all for being who you are right in front of us.

Keep reading, learning and growing.


Ryan and the Peach Blossom team.

Lesley Jimenez says:

Hello kids!! I absolutely loved your guys’ performance, it was so adorable!! Everybody had such great energy from the beginning to end of the video. You guys also sounded very clear even though you guys were outside with cars passing by. Loved your guys’ shirt as well!!
Great Job!
-Lesley Jimenez

Malik R says:

Hello! You all did such a terrific job! What an all around fun excellent performance. I enjoyed every single second of this video performance. You kids are all full of joy and enthusiasm! I hope to see more work like this in the future! Such a great performance all around. 🙂

Danielle Sewell says:

This was done so well! Great job everyone!

Cassandra Viscaino says:

This was a great way to start my day! I loved the energy that each of these students had and the dance moves as well. Great Job!

Maimoua Xiong says:

You all did an barktastic job!
I adore the paws t-shirt and dance moves. Both of my dogs are like no other too. 🙂

Azusena L says:

Good job evryone! You guys did an amazing job and I liked how enthusiastic you guys were

Rocio Ramirez says:

What a great group and wonderful performance! I loved the energy and effort that was put into this! Everyone seemed like they were having a fun time and I especially liked all the gestures that were done. I was amazed at the voice projection, it was clear and easy to hear, as well as cohesive. Everyone should be very proud for creating this great performance. Thank you all for participating!

Alexys Ponce says:

Awww this is absolutely precious, I couldn’t stop smiling throughout this whole performance. What an amazing job you all did!!! Way to go guys!!!!

Angelica Morfin says:

Round of applause to all you enthusiastic and amazingly vocal students. I enjoyed every part of the performance and loved the howling! Each and every person perform fantastically. The choreography perfectly matched the poem. Well done to this astonishing group of students… awesome shirts!

Meleynah Gonzalez says:

AMAZING!!! I thought all of you were just wonderful. Your performance brought a smile to my face and the poem even made me laugh. You were all very clear and your gesture were perfect, every single one of you should all be proud of your performance because it rocked!!!

Jasmeen Gill says:

This was such an incredibly fun and cute video to watch! The dance that these first graders incorporated along with the howling! That was very impressive and the paw shirts looked PAWSOME!

Audrey Wilkinson says:

I loved this performance of “My Dog Is Not Like Other Dogs” for the Peach Blossom Festival! The collective voices from the participating students was endearing and exciting! I also enjoyed the hand motions that went along with your performance, the movement made it even more fun to watch. Thank you for providing such a fun and light-hearted performance for us to watch, I appreciated it very much!

Luis Torres says:

This was an amazing presentation and you all did great together as a team! My favorite part was when you all howled and did something different with every line of the poem. I agree. My dog is not like other dogs. Great job guys!

Macy Oh says:

Wow, you guys did a great job! I loved the enthusiasm in your voices and the movements of the dogs. I was impressed by how much you guys memorized in this performance and how in sync everyone was. This performance of “My Dog is Not Like Other Dogs” is not easy to forget! Great job!

Raymond Kober says:

Wow! That was a great performance! The poem was very good, and I like the participation of all the students!

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