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Julia Plasencia says:

Great job Kamila! I absolutely loved your performance because it was very entertaining and full of great hand gestures. You did an amazing job at adding motion to the poem with various hand movements that looked very fun. You had a very positive attitude throughout the entire poem and seem to be having fun. Overall great job and keep up the great work!

Laura T says:

What an amazing performance! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. You did a great job at speaking a a speed easy to understand. Keep up the good work!

Marcos Calix says:

Hey Kamila,

What an fantastic performance, I know it can be scary presenting something but you did AMAZING! I love the way you allowed to bring the story to life with your movements and gestures. It showed that you practiced this a lot because it was flawless! It made my think of my best friend when you were presenting, keep up the great work.

Shania Vang says:

Hello Kamila!

I think you did a wonderful job reciting your poem! I loved how you used hand gestures and movement to help emphasize your poem EVEN more. I also thought your ability to keep the rhythm in your voice while reciting was awesome. Overall, very good job and continue sharing your voice!

Tiera says:

Kamila you did Great. Let me guess is your best friend a Dog ? You did a great job reciting your poem. I know you worked so hard on it !

Rachel Diaz says:

Hey Kamila, You did a wonderful job on you performance, about your Best Friend. I thought it was really cute. You did a great job at speaking and I loved how you included hand gestures. Thank you for sharing with us!

Jaiden Martin says:

Hi Kamila!!! You did such a great job performing your poem!! I can tell that you put a lot of hard work into memorizing it and adding hand motions to bring it to life!! You had a great tone in your voice that made the poem fun and interesting! You did an awesome job!!

Samantha L says:

Kamila you did a wonderful job in your performance! Your gestures helped me picture the best friend that you described. Your memorization was perfect, along with your excitement for the poem! Awesome job!

Emmett Brooks says:

WOW Kamila! You did an amazing job with this piece and I can tell that you worked very hard on this. You are so young and show so much potential for your future. I hope that you continue with this and spread your energy to others around you!!

richard gutierrez-soliz says:

Good job Kamila! My best friend is a lot like yours, he’s a big yellow dog that loves to sleep!

Jaqueline Garcia says:

Kamila! I absolutely love your video!! your hand gestures were a great touch! You described my dog perfectly!! I loved your enthusiasm! Thank you so much for sharing with us!!

Lesley Ramirez says:

Great job with your poem! I loved the way you used hand gestures to explain, I do that as well! I thought you were going to be describing a classmate or your mommy, and to my surprise it was a doggy! Beautifully done!

Janeiry Perez says:

What a great performance Kamila! I liked that you pointed to the part of your body as you were talking about your best friend. Also, you did amazing memorizing that poem!

Nereyda Villasenor says:

Hi Kamila, my best friend is a dog too. Aren’t they the best? You did amazing! I could tell you practiced til your performance was perfect. Keep up the good work.

Macy Oh says:

Great job Kamila! I could tell that you were a little nervous in the beginning, but you did a fantastic job and gradually showed more confidence. I know that your furry best friend is the cutest thing ever. Keep up the enthusiasm!

Andira Ferguson says:

Kamila you were awesome! Great job at memorizing your poem and the added hand gestures were like icing on a cake. Continue to do well.

Ricardo Lozada says:

Hi Kamila, loved how you made a transition in your performance. I know that doing these kinds of performances can be nerve-racking at first, but you got over it very quickly and it made for a great finish. I also loved how you pointed to the body parts, like when you said great big eyes and you made your hands get big close to your eyeballs. Overall great performance very fun to watch with the energy you put into it and after watching it two times, I am still smiling!

Merici Ulloa Moran says:


You did a beautiful job! I loved your performance! That poem is adorable and so are your hand gestures! I’m glad you talked about your best friend with lots of excitement! You made me smile 🙂 Thank you!! You’re so sweet!

Anissa says:

Hello Kamila, you did an awesome job! in the beginning you seemed a little nervous but the second you got into it you were a complete natural and showed lots of confident in you performance. I enjoyed the hand motions you incorporated which gave more to it and your performance made me think of my own dogs who are my best friends. I hope next year you continue to do another poem because you really know how to grab the audiences attention towards you.

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