18 comments on ““My 7-Year-Old Life”

Samantha Magana says:

Wow Vienna, I was blown away by your performance. Your poem was beautifully written and it was nice to get insight into your life. Thank you for allowing us into your BEAUTIFUl and colorful room to watch you shine bright in your performance. Keep up the hard work.

Amanda Mason says:

Such a fun and vibrant performance, Vienna!! Thank you for sharing all about your 7 year old life!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

YOU have an interesting 7-YEAR-OLD LIFE. It is very fun and I laughed when you described your siblings. You are very creative, very energetic, very colorful. Your life has so much fun, never lose sight of that as you grow. I am very impressed with the original poem and how you performed it.

Andres Diaz says:

This was incredible and very inspiring. Thanks for letting us hear about your life as a 7-year old. Great job!

Rose Chheang says:

Wow! I love how energetic you are. I love all the body language that was shown to let the audience know what exactly you were trying to say. What an interesting and inspiring poem. I enjoyed how you just had fun and you were also very creative!

Kellie Lee says:

Your video of your 7 year old life if good to hear and watch. It inspires others want to know about you. great job!

Esmeralda says:

Hi Vienna great poem! I liked how happy and joyful you were and it even made me miss those days of when I was seven. I like how you described you siblings and how nice and colorful your room is!

Sharbel says:

Vienna this was a very good presentation. It is amazing that you are able to do that so comfortably and it was fun to watch good job!!

Kelly Nassar says:

Hi Vienna! What an exciting 7-year-old life you live! I love your enthusiasm and joy when reciting your wonderful original poem. I think it is so adorable that you included your siblings in your poem and that you described them in such a silly and creative way! You had such fantastic choreography to go along with all the parts of your poem, and I can really tell that you poured your heart into your presentation!

Esmeralda Rincon says:

Hi Vienna great poem ! I liked the way you performed and how you described you siblings and how much fun it looked like you were having making miss those days of when I was seven great job?

Lupita Capistran says:

Thank you for being a part of the piece blossom festival, I enjoyed seeing your performance and it was interesting to see your aspects of life! Great job!

Oscar Vazquez says:

Haha I thought your performance was really good and all over the place which made it all the better, I think this was such a good idea because it really puts into perspective what kind of life is like at 7 . not a care in the world and everything can be silly and you can just get away with it. I thought that this was really well made along with your good facial expressions.

Julia Gomez says:

Wow just wow, you wrote that poem on your own and just being 7 years old is very impressive! Keep up the good work. I liked how you described your life in just one poem with just your own words!

Sierra Gonzales says:

Hello Vienna!! This was such an amazing poem and thank you for letting us hear about your life as a 7 year old. Keep up the good work!

Cheyanne Smith says:

Wow what a great poem! I loved getting an insight on your life. Your acting skills were wonderful as well. Keep it up!

Desiree Esqueda says:

Hi Vienna! First I am so impressed that you wrote that whole poem by yourself, it is so good! I love the life you brought into your poem with your facial expressions and movements. You make me want to live my 7 year old life again! Thank you for sharing this with us and I hope to hear another Vienna original next year!

Merici Ulloa Moran says:


What a beautiful performance!! I love that you wrote your own poem!! My favorite part was your sudden bursts of energy especially right after you wake up from falling asleep! (Also love your butterfly mirror) Thanks for making me smile! 🙂

Anissa says:

Hello Vienna, your poem was very impressive and is neat that you were able to write it yourself. you seem to be a natural and I enjoyed hearing and watching your performance. It shows that you have put a lot of time and efforts into this and hope you continue to create more poems. The motions and tones in your voice made the poem stand out and pulled me to hear about you 7 year life. Keep up the good work!

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