12 comments on ““Mother’s Chocolate Valentine”

Hannah Ellsworth says:

Wow Miles, great performance! If we were in person I would have clapped so much for you! I loved all of your gestures and how you used the empty chocolate box as a prop. Your voice is so expressive, and you chose such a great poem. It made me laugh. I can tell you worked hard on this, and your efforts paid off, plus you had it memorized perfectly. Good job!

Groovy Drew says:

Miles, I feel you on this one! Chocolate is delicious and my Mom loved chocolates. I would always get her some hoping she shared a few with me, and usually it worked! Great job on this poem! I’m convinced you love chocolate as much as I do.

Enrique Atanacio says:


I liked your energy in this poem. I love chocolate too! I usually have a box of chocolates on my dining room table, but it doesn’t last long.

Well done!


Elizabeth Hernandez says:

I am impressed by your performance, you did such an amazing job! Your hand gestures and tone of voice definitely made this poem! You had me smiling through this whole poem, great job!

Anthony Faulks says:

Excellent performance Miles for this year’s Peach Blossom Festival! You kept great eye contact and posture while displaying the appropriate gestures when presenting. A very entertaining story in my opinion along with the comedic addition at the end when you say that hopefully she likes the box. This is definitely a video to remember. Again, excellent job on the delivery of this presentation Miles!

Carlie Davenport says:

Hello Miles,
I really enjoyed your adorable performance, and I think you did an excellent job! I also love chocolate too, and it can be so only to have one. I think your poem was very relatable and made me chuckle. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face!

Lizette Calderon says:

You did such a great job!
Your use of the empty chocolate box was a great prop, I bet mom appreciated that.
Such a funny poem, I could imagine my son not being able to resist those yummy chocolates either!

Bai Lo says:

Hi Miles, I can relate because I love chocolate too. You did a wonderful job with your hand gestures.

Mia Daniels says:

Congratulations your performance was spectacular! Your enthusiasm shined through in your delivery, this particular show really stands out to me! To complement the language, you developed wonderful hand gestures and choreography, which is a hallmark of a good oral performance. I can only guess how much work went into memorizing not only the language but the hand gestures and recording it for us and i’m so glad you did! This brought lots of joy to not only me but many people. I even showed your video to my family and my mother and she thought it was incredible. Great Job!

Oliver Mendez says:

Great Job Miles, you had your poem perfectly memorized and had me smiling throughout the entire poem.

Sandra Santana says:

Good job on your performance, I felt your energy and how enthusiastic you were about chocolates. I love your hand gestures as well, it really made your poem loud and clear.

Carolina Leon says:

Wow, Miles! You did a great job! I enjoyed watching you performed “Mother’s Chocolate Valentine”; it is a lovely poem. I liked how you used a lot of hand gestures to describe the poem. You did an excellent job!

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