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Enrique Atanacio says:

Great to see you with the snake. You’re definitely more brave than me to hold that snake as close to you as you did. Great interpretation of the poem. Well done!

Elise says:

Wow! I love that you took a poem and made it relevant to someone that YOU love – your snake! I’m a bit scared of snakes myself, but you look so calm and brave holding him around you! You’re a great representative for snakes, and for how great they can be as pets! Fantastic work on this presentation – and how exciting to meet your snake guest, that we never could have had at an in-person event! Silver linings!

Benny Thongsaone says:

Hi Jacob,

BRAVE is the first word I thought of! I have to say you are braver than me with your snake round your neck.I am a bit terrified of snakes but I thought it was awesome how you had your snake co-star with you. Thank you for showcasing your poem for us to enjoy. I liked how the poem was an original masterpiece by you.You had a confident and clear voice when you performed your poem.Hope you can join us again next year and maybe you can create another original poem. Good luck with the rest of the school year.

Groovy Drew says:

That’s insaaane that you have a snake and wrote your own poem! What a legend!

Samantha Magana says:

WOW, you looked so calm while that snake just slithered around. I love that you were inspired by another poem and created one to fit your life and pet snake. Keep up the hard work and great writing Jacob.

Jacob Geller says:

Hi Jacob,

I love the original poem and I love that you have a snake around your kneck. Your voice sounded great. Awesome job!

Cecilia Toribio Cid says:

Incredible poem, Jacob! It is amazing that you wrote your own poem. I love your use of similes that you incorporated into your poem. I can tell that you put a lot of thought and effort into writing and performing your poem. From performing your poem, I can tell that you really love your snake and enjoy its company. As a person who is afraid of snakes, you are a brave person! Well done!

Mai V says:

Wow! Jacob, you are super brave to include a live snake into your video. I love your calm presence and bravery. Despite a live snake around your neck, you were able to focus on reciting your poem. That is real true talent right there. Every word can be heard clearly and you have a great smile!

Rachel Diaz says:

Hi Jacob! I loved how you included a live snake into the poem about a snake. haha! You are brave to hold it! Loved the poem too. You did a good job!

Izabella Figueroa says:

Wow Jacob! I love your bravery for being able to do an amazing performance of your poem for everyone. You did a great job! I love the way you love your snake. Your poem was a great way to express your love for your snake.

John Rogers says:

I love that snake!!! I love the snake around your neck and how it is moving the whole time it gave me the chills. I love how you wrote that whole poem it made it much more personal and made me see the connection you have with your snake. Your delivery and eye contact was amazing. Thank you so much for presenting your speech this year. Good job!

Hector Venegas-Garcia says:

Hey Jacob!
I have to say I am really impressed with your poem. You can see the inspiration in your poem quite well. What impressed me the most was how calm you were when there was a snake around your shoulder, I personally could never be that calm. Good job!

Kelly Nassar says:

Hi Jacob! I love that you were inspired to write your own version of such a sweet poem for your lovely snake. I think it is so brave to have a pet snake and to let it sit on you and do its own thing while you present your poem! I really appreciate how you included your snake while you spoke such lovely words about your love for it. I appreciate your care and passion for your sweet pet, and your words really bring out that truth with your clear diction and confident voice!

Fabio Quijano says:

I love the fact that you not only wrote your own poem, but you wrote it about something you genuinely love giving it so much more meaning and adding the huge snake was a bonus because not very many people would be brave enough to do it. Great job!!

Deztiny Ochoa says:

Hi Jacob! you are super brave to have a snake on you like that! I am terrified of snakes but I loved how you casually had it on your shoulders like that. I really liked your poem and you spoke clearly, you did an amazing job. Keep it up:)

Marissa Sanchez says:

Wow Jacob good job at creating your very own poem! I liked how you incorporated your snake it was a good visual to include! Your performance was well put together you spoke clear and loud! Congratulations on your participation in the peach Blossom Festival! Great job!

Janeiry Perez says:

Such a unique video! Thank you making your snake part of the video and giving credit to those who inspired you to write the poem.

Moira K says:

Hi Jacob!

I love that you wrote a lovely poem about your snake, I have one as well and he’s dear to me. You handled them moving randomly wonderfully. Usually, I catch myself looking at what direction they’re going out of worry I’ll accidentally drop him.

Minji Kim says:

Hi Jacob,
It’s so cool that you took video with your snake!! It was a good visual with amazing poem! Your tone and pace were great to understand. Thank you for sharing a great work:)

Andrea Gonzalez says:

Hi Jacob, first of all, I want to congratulate you very much because you wrote your own poem inspired by your pet snake. You have a lot of creativity and that is very fascinating. Another reason I want to congratulate you is the level of confidence you have in yourself to recite your poem in front of a camera. Your level of memorization is fantastic! Your facial expressions were appropriate, and you showed confidence in every second of the video. Your style and pace were good during your presentation. Your poem was one of my favorites because just like you, I also like snakes a lot. Congratulations Jacob!

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