11 comments on ““Lost Poem”

Tiera says:

Joaquin you did Awesome !!!

Joshua Clark says:

Whoo, you got this thing impressively memorized! I thought this was so fun. :)) Also, the way your voice moves and varies was brilliantly engaging! Thank you so much for submitting this for our viewing pleasure!

Groovy Drew says:

Yo Joaquin, this was unreal! Amazing job on this.

Samantha Magana says:

Awesome job Joaquin. I can tell how hard you worked, you recited this poem perfectly. Thank you for your submission. Keep up the hard work.

Elijah Porchia says:

Way to go Joaquin, I really enjoyed listening and watching your poem. I thought you did a great job with your hand gestures.

Mai V says:

Hi Joaquin, you have such a cute smile. You did an awesome job. I really like your hand movements. Great job for remembering all the words in the poem. I don’t think I could do that. You rocked it! (:

Rachel Diaz says:

Hey Joaquin! You did well, you have Awesome memorizing skills, I loved your hand movements, it was lit! Awesome job!

Maxine Waldrep says:

Really cute poem and good performance. You can tell you enjoyed yourself and were excited about the big finish. Good job!

Sharbel Mahfoud says:

Hey Joaquin you did an amazing job with this poem. It was very cool to watch and it takes a lot of skill great job!!

Alexis Rodriguez says:

Joaquin, you did a great job. I enjoyed your poem and the enthusiasm added to it. Thank you for sharing you did great!

Audrey Wilkinson says:

I really enjoyed your performance for the Peach Blossom Festival! You did a great job memorizing the words of the poem that you were reciting and you also included hand motions! Thank you for providing such a fun and creative performance for us to watch.

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