8 comments on ““Little Fish”

Ryan Jones says:

Dude that was awesome!!!

Great poem.

Great confidence.

Great shoes!!!

Keep it going buddy!!!

Ryan and the Peach Blossom team

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

You rocked that poem of the little fish. It was like I could see the poem come to life. Good job bro on memorizing your poem and for having fun. Your voice also added energy to the poem. Keep it up.

Michael Torres says:

Your memorization was incredible, your delivery was spot-on and you were able to make the whole poem flow just like the fishes in the rivers. Excellent work Mark!

Tyjah McAlister says:

Great job!!! You did an amazing job keeping eye contact with your audience and memorizing your speech.

Bai Lo says:

Way to go Mark!

Great poem.
I enjoyed listening and watching your performance.

Alex Macías says:

Great job Mark love your confidence keep the great work up.

Carolina Leon says:

Hello, Mark! I enjoyed your performance. You did so well memorizing the poem! Good Job! I also liked how you were able to make good eye contact with the camera. You did an amazing job, Mark!

Lena Huffmon says:

Great job reciting your poem. I can tell that you practiced a lot! Keep up the great work. Congratulations on a job well done!

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