15 comments on ““Last Night I Dreamed of Chickens”

Shirley Garoutte says:

Well done! Love the use of digital enhancement to the performance. Very imaginative.

Jacob Geller says:

Love the chickens everywhere. The digital chickens are nice touch. I also love the feathers at the end. Your performance was fun to watch. Thanks for all your hard work. Good job!

Groovy Drew says:

Awesome chickens little man! Great job!

Alyssa says:

Great Job! i loved the hand gestures and the way you pronounced your words! I loved the feathers as well! Thank you for participating!

Kellie Lee says:

Awesome! You made a good video to watch and how the chickens gives many positives of your dream. Good job!

Michael Torres says:

I was thrilled to see the chicken filter and felt like it added very much to your fantastic performance. It was extremely creative and by using the feathers too it magnified how well you were able to use your space. Splendid work Jonathan!

Carina Fuentes-Villegas says:

Good Job Jonathon! I really liked how you used your body during your presentation. As well as the chicken overlay you had over the video. Most of all your bow and the end left me with a huge smile.

Huabshiab Lee says:

Great job with the hand gestures and the chicken filters. Your performance was adorable and very creative because you knew how to use your resources. Keep up the good work!

Rita Quiroz says:

Wow, excellent job Jonathan! There were so many chickens everywhere for sure. Such a great performance. You were very creative throughout the poem and also at the end by throwing feathers in the air. Thank you for participating in this years Peach Blossom.

Oliver Mendez says:

Awesome Job!! I really loved the hand gestures and the feathers at the end was very creative. The chicken filter really made your performance fun to watch.

Kalyn Goossen says:

Hi Jonathan!
The animation of the chickens was so fun! You had a fantastic performance and spoke loudly. Fantastic job, thank you for sharing this art with us!

Brianna Cazares says:

This was such an amazing performance. Great job Jonathan! I loved the chickens everywhere and all the hand gestures you did while reciting this poem. You were very well spoken and had passion and excitement while doing this. I really liked the ending of your performance with all the feathers it was very creative. Keep up the good work. Thank you for sharing this outstanding performance with us.

Carolina Leon says:

Hi, Jonathan! What a great performance! I saw chickens everywhere! The digital chicken gave extra creativity to your poem, which I loved!! You did an amazing job memorizing the poem. Good job!

Taylor Allen says:

Hi Jonathan! This was such a creative performance! I enjoyed watching every second of it and loved your finale with the feathers. You spoke very well throughout your entire poem and kept me entertained the entire time. Keep up the great work!

Ricardo Lozada says:

Amazing performance Jonathan loved seeing the little digital chicken popping out from everywhere on the screen. It made me get even more excited to hear this poem. The big final with the throwing of the feathers up in the air was a very positive end to seeing chickens everywhere you go as stated in the poem. Overall, great job, and loved the energy given off by this performance.

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