33 comments on ““I’m a T Rex”

Andres Jimenez says:

I really liked how you used props and the costume to bring the story to life.

Shalika Pilippange says:

Dear Mason,
Congratulations Mason on putting on a lovely performance. I see you put a lot of thought into the act. I love how you wore a T-Rex onesie. That roar certainly is authentic T-Rex roar. Good Job Mason!

Enrique Atanacio says:


Great job! I like your dinosaur onesie. Great use of props.

Well done!


Trent Cross says:

You’re awesome Mason!!!

I got scared a few times during your poem! You are so ferocious!

Groovy Drew says:

I didn’t know T-Rex’s could read poems, and you killed it! This is really groundbreaking.

Ashley Vivian says:

Great job! The costume and the later addition of the sunglasses really made this performance. Not only was the oral delivery of the poem done good, but you also put on a show as well. Well done indeed.

Samantha Magana says:

Awesome job Mason. I loved the costume and sunglasses. You spoke very clearly and your roar scared me. Keep up the great work and a big thank you for your Peach Blossom submission.

Alexa Maldonado says:

WOW! This was awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for taking the time and sharing this cool poem. I enjoyed everything about your presentation especially your costume. Great ending by the way

Hannah Wagener says:

Mason, I really enjoyed your performance. Love your costume and the sun glasses at the end where a hit. I liked your performance so much I think I want to be your friend and be a T Rex with you. Keep up the great work.

Alyssa Good says:

Hi Mason! I loved watching your performance! You did a great job with our enthusiasm and I loved your costume!

Tiera says:

Mason I love T Rexs. I love your T Rex Onesis. You did a great job remembering your poem .

Michael Torres says:

The dinosaur costume, your memorization, the sunglasses and how you became the T-Rex in the poem were all absolutely marvelous. Your projection was wonderful and that was such a strong roar that I almost dropped my things! Fantastic work Mason!

Alyssa says:

Mason, you did such a good job! I love T-Rexs and I really enjoyed your little poem.

John Rogers says:

I loved this speech! The way you held yourself together and your rhythm were amazing. The way you dressed and the “RAWWRRR” at the end made the speech 100% better. I’m so sad that I did not get to see that in person this year. I hope you do well at this festival. The Speech was great but the sunglasses at the end made my day. Good job Mason!

Prince Thibeaux says:

My favorite dinosaur as a kid was a T-rex too! Great video Mason!

Iris Montejano says:

Hi Mason, great job on your performance. I loved your energy and the roar at the end. I can tell you practiced before hand you performance was spot on. The T-Rex is the biggest meanest dinosaur the walked on Earth. Excellent choice for your costume and the glasses tied it in all together. Excellent job hope to see more of your performance in the near future.

Carlie Davenport says:

Hello Mason,
I really enjoyed your poem and your dinosaur costume! I can tell you are quite the lively character, and it really showed throughout your awesome performance! You are definitely one cool dude!

Winnie K. says:

Well done! Well done! That roar was captivating like thunder and with those shades on, you were the biggest baddest dinosaur. I wouldn’t argue with you about that. Love the outfit and enthusiasm, it was a great performance.

Bai Lo says:

Hi Mason, I love your performance and cute T-Rex costume! You did an amazing job.

Pa Der Lo says:

Hi Mason, I enjoyed watching your performance. Love your T-Rexs costume!

Eman Hussein says:

Good Job Mason! You deserve a standing ovation for such an amazing performance. I really enjoyed the props you used for your poem. You really brought this poem to life. My favorite part was the big roar at the end! Keep up the good work Mason!

Ariana Cervantes says:

Hi Mason! What a wonderful poem on the T-Rex, which is actually one of my favorite dinosaurs! I absolutely love your t-rex onesie!

Alyssa Garza says:

I love your costume Mason! And you definitely rocked the sunglasses. Great job on memorizing your poem and your ending was fantastic.

Zhavon Mireles says:

Mason, you were a great T-Rex! I loved the costume and the Rwaar at the en.! Great performance, very creative and put together.

Ivonne Pulido says:

Phenomenal performance! Your costume brought the poem to life and your roar was amazing ! You did a very good job presenting the poem with a clear and loud voice. You are a great performer !

Myles Martin says:

Hey Mason, Myles here and I wanted to let you know that your performance was well done and your memorization of the poem shows how smart and attention to detail you have which is excellent. Good Job!

Madison Berube says:

Wow! Congrats on performing such an enthusiastic presentation Mason! This really highlighted your love for dinosaurs. Your costume change with the sunglasses was very delightful and showed how much time you spent rehearsing this poem. That roar at the end was super scary and really proved what a true dinosaur you are.

Jessica Perez says:

Hi Mason

Great performance. You did an amazing job gaging my interest with the rhythm of your poem and all the personality you showed in between. I even caught myself bobbing my head to your poem, totally tuned in! I love your style and also your creative props. I could tell you did your practice for this performance. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Amanda Gutierrez says:

Hi Mason! I loved your choice of poem and LOVED your dinosaur onesie too! My favorite part would have to be when you pulled on those cool sunglasses though! Super awesome. Great job memorizing your poem!

Moira K says:

Hi Mason! I must say you were a terrifically, terrifying dinosaur. Between the outfit and the sound effects, one could not tell a difference.

Jesus Espinoza says:

Hey Mason! I enjoyed hearing your poem! I loved your dinosaur pajama as it fit perfectly with your poem and that roar at the end sealed the deal! great poem and great performance!

Chandeep Mann says:

Great job Mason! I loved how much time and effort you put into this presentation. From the dinosaur costume to your memorization of the poem, and the costume was all wonderful to watch. For a second there I thought you were becoming the T-Rex. Your projection was wonderful and that was such a strong roar that I almost dropped my things! Great job again!

Merici Ulloa Moran says:


I loved your poem! Great job! Your outfit and sunglasses are super cool! And of course, your Rawrr came out amazing! Thanks for sharing this with us! You made me smile! ๐Ÿ™‚

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