24 comments on ““I’m a Girl”

Larissa says:

Hi Gianna wow such a beautifully put poem. We should always be proud of being females because we are fantastic. You did such a great job keep being you and always smile!

Hannah Ellsworth says:

This was a beautiful poem and I love your performance Kianna. I especially enjoyed the part where you said “I can create something beautiful in all that I do” because your voice was powerful and confidence and faith rolled off your tongue. I can really feel the strength of your conviction and the emotion behind your words. Thank you for sharing your talents!

Benny Thongsaone says:

Hi Kianna,

I have to say this is a great performance and poem selection. I think that it has an important message that everyone can use as inspiration. I want you ton continue to always believe in yourself and spread joy to everyone. You can do anything that you put your mind into. You showed confidence in your voice and I believe every word you said. Great job and I hope you return next year to present again. Good luck with the rest of the school year.

Elise says:

Being a girl is THE BEST isn’t it?! We are capable of so many great things! Your unique identity is a GIFT to the world – your gender, your interests, your culture, your gifts… There is not another person like you in the world! Thank you for sharing your presentation with us!

Emily Graeber says:

I LOVE the message in the poem you chose! It’s so important to be proud of being a girl! I loved your excitement and genuine smile in your performance! You also showed great confidence and spoke very well. Great job and I hope you continue being awesome and performing!

Alexa Maldonado says:

Absolutely loved the message behind the script that you read. It was insightful to hear such empowering words coming from a young, wise girl like yourself. As I played this video aloud, my roommates couldn’t help but to overhear and they were completely shocked as to who was speaking. You demonstrated perfect maturity throughout your video. This holds such a strong message that will continue to inspire young girls to continue striving for women’s rights/beliefs. Great job! ๐Ÿ™‚

Shania Vang says:

Kianna, you did a fantastic job! I love how you picked a poem that empowers women and girls everywhere! I hope you continue to listen to these affirmations and continue to strive to be something amazing! Your voice and ideas matter! Overall, job well done!

Tiera says:

Kianna This is awesome . You are the joy the world is waiting for !!! Girls rock ๐Ÿ™‚

Rose says:

Hi Kianna, I’m rose and I wanted to say how amazing you are. This poem showed women empowerment and I loved that you picked this poem. YOU are beautiful and strong. Well done Kianna!

Sandra Ruvalcaba-Sanchez says:

Hi Kianna,
Thank you for sharing your performance. You did a awesome job and chose a really great poem. The way you delivered the poem is touching and sends a message to many girls/women out there that we are more than what we and other believe and it’s time we notice that. Amazing job!

Carina Fuentes-Villegas says:

Hello Kianna, this was a great and empowering poem. I really enjoyed the pace of your poem, and how you kept smiling throughout your poem. You really do create something beautiful in what you do.

Huabshiab Lee says:

This was such a good performance and very empowering as well. The way your project your voice and change your tones based on certain words really emphasizes the meaning and power it holds for young girls. Keep up the great work!

Tyjah McAlister says:

Hi Kianna! You did so well presenting this speech and it was such a great topic. You did a very good job memorizing the speech and so many of us can relate to it. Good job!

Justinie Yang says:

Kianna, you did such an amazing job. It’s my first time listening to this poem and I love it. Overall, great job.

tina Vang says:

Kianna, you did a wonderful job. I love the way you empower of this poem! Good Job!

Lani Sanchez says:

Hi Kianna! What an amazing job well done! I believe that the choice of poetry was wonderful and insightful to listen to, and I also believe that your voice demonstrated the importance of knowing the value of being a girl. It is empowering! You did such a good job with the poem and I hope that you continue on with that smile! Again, wonderful job and I wish you all the best!

Jenny Lewallen says:

This was a wonderful selection, Kianna! I hope you return to this poem throughout your life so you can always remember these very important words.

Leila Carrera says:

Hi Kianna! Love the energy and the attitude ๐Ÿ™‚ You did an amazing job and I love how you chose a poem that helps women empowerment and many young girls all around the world. You delivered this message proudly and with very great confidence! Keep it up :))

Treasure L. says:

Kiana, that was a powerful poem! Thank you for sharing it with us. That gave me an idea. I now want a printout of that poem, to hang up in my home where my daughters can see it and read it every day. I mostly enjoyed watching you recite the poem. You did a good job, little miss. I could see the smile in your eyes as you were saying. You’re a girl and you rock, Kiana!

Joseph Pinheiro says:

Hello Kianna!! Your video you created was really great!! I really enjoyed the message that was told from your poem, you really touched to heart a lot of women. Great job!

Alexys Ponce says:

What an awesome job!! I absolutely loved the poem you chose to perform. I too love the message behind it!! Iโ€™ve definitely inspired me and I know you will inspire even more!!!!

Ashley Shamblin says:

Kianna, this is so empowering! First, I want to thank you for sharing this with all of us, it was amazing. Second, I love how confident you were while you were speaking. Everything that you said is true. Keep being you and radiating positivity throughout everyone you meet!

David Ortiz says:

Hi Kianna! I loved the poem you chose to present. The message is inspirational because it encourages girls to be more confident and know their worth. I hope this poem encourages you to become a role model for other girls. You presented the poem confidently and calm. Good job and I hope the poem you chose inspires you to do great things in the future.

Alessia Anguiano says:

Hi Kiana, I think your poem had a beautiful message and your delivery was spot on. This poem was very personal to me because I love the fact that you are encouraging women to empower other women everywhere. You did a great job!!- Alessia Anguiano

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