3 comments on ““If You Have to Dry the Dishes”

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

I agreeeee drying the dishes is so boring. I might have to try your tip one day and see if it work. Good job all around at this poem. It was funny the way you told it. You had excellent use of your infection and projection. You made the poem come to life. Keep it up

Patricia Soto says:

What a wonderful performance Mario! It was a wonderful and fun poem to recite, it brought a smile to my face. Your hand gestures and the tone of voice in which you told the poem were perfect! Keep up the great work, this was such an awesome performance!

Angelica Morfin says:

Mario, amazing job reciting the poem! I agree, drying dishes is my least favorite chore because of how boring and tedious it could be. However, I wouldn’t mind taking your suggestion from the poem! Nicely done, and awesome vocalization. I can tell your efforts in reciting the poem made it that much more fantastic! Excellent work!

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