16 comments on ““I’d Like To Be A Movie Star”

Mrs. Gong says:

Good job you two!! You definitely DO know how to act!! Awesome work ๐Ÿ™‚

Shirley Garoutte says:

Super Duper kiddos! Such enthusiasm and team work…Way to GO!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

The ending was my favorite part! it had me laughing. I know you two could be famous and make it big with these acting skills. Keep it up. Good job yall. I also loved how you used the hat as a prop!!

Amanda Ambriz says:

Wonderful job, you two!! You both have amazing and clear speaking voices that make this even better! I can tell you were both very engaged, which made this even more fun to watch! I loved the costumes!! By the way, you both definitely know how to act!

Rose says:

Hi Jasmine and Michael, I’m rose and wanted to say well done. I love the outfits as well. This was so smooth and I love how you two are in sync and you can tell this was rehearsed so I can see that a lot of hard work and dedication went into making this video. Keep up the good work, you two were amazing!

Denise Davis says:

Wonderful Job, you both did well !!! Your speech was very clear to understand and I was in tuned with it all as well as your tone of voice just perfect..

Hosanna Palafox says:

WOW.. Wonderful job. Both of you are very talented and I was able to tell you were very engaged in your roles. I am glad to see both of you enjoy acting. You will be successful actors.

Sandra Ruvalcaba-Sanchez says:

Hi Jasmine and Michael,
I thought your performance was awesome! I loved the ending it was so funny and cute. You guys definitely do know how to act. I also loved the way you guys were dressed it made the script come to life! You guys did really well!

Mai V says:

Great enthusiasm you both have. Your clear speaking voice can be heard well. It was very fun to watch. I enjoy that you both recite lines at the same time. It showed that you both worked hard for this rehearsal. Nice job!

Mia Daniels says:

Great job you two both were amazing! Your timing was great and I could hear both very clear. It was so impressive that you both knew when to speak as when there are two people it can be very difficult to know your timing! You both did an outstanding job! I can see both of you being movie stars as you both “know how to act” ๐Ÿ˜‰

Samantha L says:

Amazing work! Your energy and enthusiasm complements the poem perfectly, along with your movements! A great choice of poem, you both executed your roles very well. You guys had fun with it, and that is one of the most important aspects of performing. Awesome job, keep it up!

Grace Gammon says:

Wonderful performance you two!! I thought the acting was great with much enthusiasm. I was engaged through the whole thing, I think you both have a future in acting. Great memory of all the words as well.

Deztiny Ochoa says:

You both did a wonderful job speaking clearly and I loved how you would take turns getting the hat! I loved how you were both enthusiastic about the performance which made it enjoyable to watch. Great Job

Meleynah Gonzalez says:

Awesome. You were both great. It was interesting and funny to watch until the very end. You were both clear as day and the gestures you used were awesome. Great job keep doing more things just like this.

Ceily Hepner says:

You both did so great! I definitely disagree you both are wonderful actors! I was able to hear your voices clearly and you provided good movement and hand gestures to help create a visual! Amazing job! I loved the addition of the hat as well!

Jesus Espinoza says:

Great job guys! I loved the performance, you two already look like movie stars! You guys showed great confidence and charisma, great performance!

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