11 comments on ““I Wish My Father Wouldn’t Try to Fix Things Anymore”

Shirley Garoutte says:

Great job, WOW you memorized a lot!

Stephanie M says:

Hi there, You did a wonderful job. I like how confident you were as you recited your poem. You stood up straight and included hand gestures to go along with what you were reciting. That was a lot to remember and you did a great job. Keep up the hard work.

Jasmine says:

Hello Kayelin,

Awesome job! I loved the poem and your energy.

Samantha Magana says:

Hey there, I love your mask. Great job on your performance, your hard work really shows. I enjoyed listening to you and watching all your funny little gestures. Thank you for taking the time to practice your performance and for your peach blossom submission. You rock.

Violet Perez-Sandell says:

Hi Kayelin! That was really amazing! You were really focused when reciting, and I enjoyed watching you act out the poem. Thank you for your participation. Keep up the great work!

Jasmine Ruiz says:

Kayelin, you did an amazing job! You were very focused on reciting your poem, and you seemed a bit nervous. You shouldn’t be! You did absolutely awesome! I loved your hand movements and your choice of a poem was so silly and entertaining.

Maxine Waldrep says:

Hi Kayelin,

You did a wonderful job using hand gestures to enhance the story. It made it easy to visualize the story you were sharing. Great job!

Justinie Yang says:

Hi Kayelin, I like your poem very much! Not only that but I also love how perfect your energy is for this poem.Thank you for this performance.

Hannah Kollias says:

Hey, great job on your performance! It is really exciting that you participated in Peach Blossom! You can tell that you practiced a lot, you did so good throughout the whole poem. I really liked your hand gestures, it made the poem even better!

Amanda Gutierrez says:

Hi Kayelin! I really liked the poem you recited. I though I was very unique and funny. You memorized a lot to perform it so great job! I also really liked your hand gestures, it really made the poem come to life! Thank you for sharing!

Ivan Luna says:

Hey Kayelin,
You did a great job on your poem. That was a good and clean performance along with your nice and timely hand gestures to go along with the words. My dad always tries to fix things, so that made me laugh because that was relatable to my life. Keep reading and thank you for sharing.

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