26 comments on ““I Tried To Do My Homework”

Andres Jimenez says:

Your use of changing vocal tones and also I love your choise of the poem. It’s extremely relatable.

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

It is really hard to do your homework when you have all those cool stuff to do! I don’t think I would have done my homework neither. Good job at projection, memory, and at hand gestures. You are a natural poet

Margarita Vasquez says:

This is hilarious because it is extremely relatable! Great skit you picked and great projection of your voice, Good job!

Andres Jimenez says:

Hi Brooklyn
Your choice of poem “I Tried to Do My Homework” by Kenn Neseitt was very relatable. Being a future schoolteacher, I have both felt and experienced late homework. The way that you recited the poem made me feel like you were honestly genuine. Great Job!

Lorena Bernal says:

Brooklyn, this performance was amazing I loved every bit of it and honestly these things are true! Haha. The world is very distracting sometimes with all the wonderful things it has. I think you did beautifully so much I had to watch more than once! You are a natural poet and enjoyed the projection of your voice. Magnificent job!

McKenna Brady says:

Your performance was so fun to watch! You really seemed to be enjoying yourself, and you spoke with confidence! I loved how your hand gestures enhanced the poem. They really helped your preference to stand out from the others. You knew the poem really well and delivered it perfectly! Fantastic Job!

Sandra Ruvalcaba-Sanchez says:

Hi Brooklyn,
Thank you for sharing this amazing performance with us! I loved the poem you chose, I think many of us can relate to it. I especially loved how you performed it and changed your tone of voice, you did really well. You had amazing facial expressions that tied the whole performance together nicely, great job once again!

Courtney Logan says:

Hi, Brooklyn! This was an amazing performance; you sound like a natural poet! You had great rhythm and story-telling skills, which are great strengths to have in oral interpretation. You spoke very clearly and had great choreography. I also have been guilty of “trying to do my homework,” because of all the distractions. The fun distractions, at least! Keep up the awesome work, Brooklyn!

Jaiden Martin says:

Hi Brooklyn! Your performance was awesome!! I really like how your emotion comes through while telling this story! Your hand movements and expressions connect perfectly to the poem. You really made this poem come to life and it looks like you put a lot of hard work to make this presentation great! Good job Brooklyn!!!

Huabshiab Lee says:

This is such a cute and relatable performance! The way you project your voice and your emotions as your perform your speech was so good. Keep up the good work!

Huabshiab Lee says:

This is such a cute and relatable performance! It is definitely hard trying to focus on school work when there are many distracting and entertaining things in the way. Also, your confidence and the way your change your tone was very well done. Keep up the good work!

Justinie Yang says:

Hey Brooklyn, everything that you said in the poem is very true and relatable. As a college student, I really like your poem, and keep up the good work.

Emmett Brooks says:

Brooklyn, I loved every piece of this performance. I really loved how you were so energetic and made an interesting topic even more interesting than it was before. You explained how homework is definitely difficult but how it can also be fun as well! Great job!!

Lani Sanchez says:

Wow! Brooklyn, what an amazing performance you gave! You did an amazing job with speaking and using your hands to illustrate what you were saying. It is a very honest and relatable performance for many, the world can be a very distracting place. It can be easy to lose focus when other things, more exciting things, present themselves. You are a natural and you have a talent for performing! Lovely work!

Raelissa Marquez says:

Brooklyn, your performance was wonderful and I really enjoyed watching how enthusiastic you were. I to get distracted with the topics you brought up doing my homework. Anyways, you did an awesome job of reciting this poem and keep up the good work!

Treasure L. says:

Brooklyn, you did such a great job! The change in your tone of voice let me know how to feel or what you were expressing. I can relate to both the mother and the kid in, “I Tried To Do My Homework.” You did a swell job! I think your poem was a fun one too. Thank you, Brooklyn!

Elizabeth Rivera says:

Hi Brooklyn, you did a great job on projecting your voice with this performance. You also used good hand movements to emphasize the words more. You memorized the poem and gave it life in your own special way. Good job!

Sierra Gonzales says:

Love the Change in your vocal tones and overall a great performance and very relatable. Keep up the good work!

Meleynah Gonzalez says:

I thought your performance was amazing. It was loud and clear and very interesting. The way you changed your tone and use gestures really brought out the action in the poem but not only but I felt like this poem was so relatable. You did a wonderful job and I hope to see more videos and poems played just like this.

Jasmeen Gill says:

Amazing, amazing job done Brooklyn! I loved your performance in this poem so much that I rewatched it a million times! From the way you showed so much confidence to me being able to relate to it so well, it’s put together so thoughtfully. Thank you for sharing this poem!

Lesley Ramirez says:

Beautifully done! And very relatable both to children and adults! I know I can relate! Also, great job with changing the tone in your voice!! Your speech was very well done and entertaining! Loved the rhyming.

Jeronimo says:

Its amazing that you are able to manipulate your tone to better tell the poem! I don’t know if I had the skill or the talent to do this when I was your age.

Amanda Gutierrez says:

hi Brooklyn! I loved your poem! I feel the same way about my homework a lot of the time so I related to it. You also did a very great job with your facial expressions and hand movements! It was very entertaining. Great job!

princesse sumbela says:

hey Brooklyn, I LOVED your poem. you had great hand movement , you did a nice job remembering your entire poem , you had good eye contact and your energy and facial expression were a bonus. this is a very effective poem, as it talks about what most of us go though while trying to finish our homework. we all tend to get distracted when we start studying .I hope you had fun presenting because I enjoyed your presentation. you did an amazing job !

Niki Hang says:

Hi Brooklyn! I loved your poem. Great job at changing your tone of voice and hand movements. You memorized the poem and gave it your best. I can relate to this as well. There’s always something distracting us when we try to do homework. Good job, and thank you for sharing this with us!

Minji Kim says:

Hi Brooklyn, I really loved your poem because it’s relatable. Your energetic tone caught my attention at the beginning. Also, you had good hand gestures and facial expressions. You did a great job! Keep up the good work!

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