4 comments on ““I Saw My Teacher on a Saturday”

Benny Thongsaone says:

Hi Alexa,

Wow! That was a great performance. I liked how you projected your voice. It was very clear, crisp and confidence. You had great eye contact and was committed to this poem. This poem made me think of the time where I seen my teacher from elementary at the grocery store. I did not know what to do. She came to say hi to my parents and I, this poem said it well “I mumbled like a fool”. Once again awesome job please come back next year to present an awesome poem for us. Good luck with the rest of the school year.

Emily Graeber says:

Wow, great job! I loved your characterization in your voice when you were playing the character! You had such good facial expressions as well which added to your performance! I also think the poem you chose is very cute and funny, it’s easy to forget teachers need groceries too! I hope you continue to perform and have fun!

Michael Torres says:

Your performance had such a great sense of vibrancy, character and brought a smile to my face. You were able to tell the poem as a story, which is a very tricky thing that you did wonderfully, and you had excellent voice projection. Amazing job Alexa!

Jessica Pedraza says:

This was an outstanding performance! Your performance has stood out to me because of your characterization in your delivery. You had a strong oral presentation. Once again, the performance was enthusiastic and enjoyable. Great job!

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