6 comments on ““I Know an Old Teacher”

LaDonna Hayes says:

What a fun piece! Each of you gave a fantastic performance. I hope you had fun!

Groovy Drew says:

This is unreal! I know an old teacher too! You all really had to have worked hard to coordinate this performance on Zoom, amazing!

Samantha Magana says:

Congratulations on your amazing performance. I really enjoyed listening to the story and watching you all perform. You all spoke very well and made it easy to hear you. Keep up the hard work!

Teresa Avila says:

This is fantastic! I known an old teacher as well! This is an incredible performance with an incredible team work! I really enjoyed watching your performance.

David Betancourt says:

Outstanding Group Performance. Amazing how your group came together using zoom technology to give us a great performance. The time and effort the group put in really showed. The matching Peach Blossom shirts and background setting was a great touch. Good Job!

Bai Lo says:

Well done!! Awesome performance with great teamwork! Thank you for sharing this story with us.

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