“I Have No Trouble Sharing”


Score: Stellar

Excellent job, Christian! All of your hard work and practice really shined in your presentation! The flow and timing were perfect, and your gestures and facial expressions positively brought the poem to life! Thank you so very much for contributing your talents to the Peach Blossom Festival!

2 comments on ““I Have No Trouble Sharing”

Suzanne says:

Hi ducky!! Christian, I loved your performance! You did a great job moving your hands, bringing the poem to life, and memorizing your piece. I had a lot of fun watching :)) Thanks for taking part in the festival!

Maricruz Lopez Alcantar says:

Hi Christian, great job! I enjoyed watching your performance and loved your enthusiasm. I like how you used hand gestures and facial expressions to make this poem come to life. I like how I was able to clearly understand the poem on sharing, which I think is very important. Thank you for sharing your awesome performance in the Peach Blossom Festival!

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