5 comments on ““Going Fishing”

Elise says:

I can’t stop giggling! I can honestly say, in the 63 years Peach Blossom has been around, we have NEVER had a performance in a pond! Your commitment to your poem was fantastic, and I hope your wellies kept your feet and ankles nice and dry, and that you caught something!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

The fact that you both went into a pond to actually fish was soo creative. You both did a fantastic job at telling this story and enjoying yourselves. The fishing poles were a great addition to the story. You both were loud and memorized the poem well. Hope you caught Nemo

Violet Perez-Sandell says:

What a creative performance! I can tell you both worked hard to memorize your lines, and above all, you were having fun! Good job!

Michael Torres says:

Using a real location that matches the poem was an excellent decision to make. You both demonstrated very great teamwork and were able to add to everything together. Great work Pablo and Eliel!

Lena Huffmon says:

Congratulations on a job well done! I love the setting you chose for your poem. This made it even more interesting. Keep up the great work.

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