14 comments on ““God’s Love”

Shalika Pilippange says:

Dear Yaslene,
This was such a lovely performance. I really liked how you brought the poem to life by using gestures. Your smile lit up the screen and the joy was overflowing when you recited the poem. Good Job!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

Wow you did an excellent job at defining God’s love for us. You had great hand gestures, great projection. Your imagery to tell the story was spot on and you are passion was very evident. Keep it up!

Jasmine says:

Hello Yaslene,
I really enjoyed your performance, filled with energy and hand moments. It looks like you had a fun time filming it. Keep up the good work.

Carla Camila 0bregon says:

Hi Yaslene,
I loved your performance, it was filled with happiness, and positive energy ! Keep it up!

Lesley Jimenez says:

Hello Yaslene! Great performance, I loved the gestures you used throughout your video and how you did it with a sincere smile the entire time!!
Well done!!

-Lesley Jimenez

Brenden Sanchez says:

Yaslene, this performance was Amazing! You did a great job with reciting the poem and making sure to bring the poem to life through your tone of voice. The performance was also brought to life with the great smile and facial expressions. You made sure the audience was ready to listen and engage in this wonderful poem. The hand movements brought action to the poem, especially when you moved your hands when saying, “Like a shooting star”. Great Job and keep Performing!

Sabrina Roberts says:

I loved that you chose this poem! You were super enthusiastic and did a great job, keep up the good work!

Lucas D says:

Hello Yaslene,
I enjoyed your performance, your positive attitude because as a viewer I believe you truly believe in God’s goodness and love. I especially enjoyed your hand signs during your performance which added a little bit of flair and said something about you. Congratulations on overcoming any stomach butterflies during your performance

Guadalupe Capistran says:

Hi Yaselene,
I had such a good time watching your performance. I agree that gods love is devine and i enjoyed seeing how fun it looked saying the performance. I like how you applied hand gestures and had a positive body language. Good job!

Treasure L. says:

Yaslene, thank you for showing God’s love all over your face as you recited a poem about His love. Your smile and the joy that shined through really brought the poem to life. Yes, you did a beautiful job and kept your high energy all the way to the end! You are God’s love!

Azusena S Leonardo says:

You did an amazing job and had good energy throughout your performance. Keep it

Carson says:

Hi Yaslene!
Your speech was beautiful and I specifically loved the topic and was drawn to it at first sight. I am religious and see that God’s love is truly powerful and can bring together people from all backgrounds to share their love. In a time right now when we cannot all agree to certain terms, the one thing we can all share as a common interest in some way could be gods unconditional love for his people.

Maribel Hurtado says:

Hi Yaslene, I love your energy and you have a beautiful smile! Such a great message, Gods love for us is like no other. Thank you for sharing I really enjoyed your video. Keep spreading this beautiful message!

Jesus Espinoza says:

Great Job Yaslene you did a great job and seemed to have had alot of fun doing it! You were loud, clear, and used great hand gestures!

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