16 comments on ““Ghost Bust”

michael A Uremovic says:

Great job Berkley!!

Amanda Mason says:

Wow, Berkley that was an awesome performance! I loved the lighting effects and how animated you were!

Elise says:

Your vocal sound effects are awesome, Berkley!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

You are soo brave for doing a ghost story in the dark!!! You really had me scared and frighten. Great job on memory, facial gestures, body movement, and your costume was great. Keep fending off them ghost!!

Stephanie M says:

Hi Berkley, amazing job. I love the excitement and confidence that you have. Great job remembering all your lines. love the props, including the glowing eyes behind you.

Elijah Porchia says:

Great performance Berkley. One thing that stood out to me was your energy, I can tell that you was very engage in the poem. I like the beginning of the play, it really set the tone. Great job

Chloe Lynnae Sanchez says:

Wow this one was so scary! This was a fantastic poem to recite in the dark…it added to the feeling! Great job memorizing your poem, Berkley.

Maimoua Xiong says:

Wow, fantastic job, Berkley! I love how you catch the audience’s attention with the background shift from light to dark and scary. Great job on the facial expression, voice projection, costume, and hand gesture.

richard gutierrez-soliz says:

Wow Berkley that was really good. I am genuinely scared I hope there are no ghosts in my house.

Alyssa Stevens says:

Hi Berkley! You inspired me with your enthusiasm and confidence! When you started your performance I loved how the lights went out, but you had a flash light shining on you. It went perfect with the poem. It definitely set the mood for a scary ghost poem right at the beginning. I loved how you emphasized hand motions to certain words during you performance. I just noticed the glowing eyes behind you! Over all you were very creative with this poem and props! I loved it!

Cheyanne Smith says:

Great job! Your acting skills were amazing and the flash light was a great touch!

Seth Riley says:

Great job, Berkeley! Your performance was amazing! You brought such great energy and all the props worked together so well. Also, I love how you used your hand motions to really keep everyone engaged with the story. Great job again!

Desiree Esqueda says:

Hi Berkeley! You did an amazing job with this performance! Your voice and motions were all so animated, I can tell you practiced alot! You put your own little twits on this poem and the hard work paid off! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Raymond Kober says:

That was one of the best acting performances of a poem! The way you use your enthusiasm to express the poem really made it come to life! I can see you becoming a future actress.

Niki Hang says:

Amazing Job Berkeley! I had fun watching your performance. Your tone of voice and body language went well with your performance. You were very creative and even used props. Thank you for sharing this with us!

Andrea Gonzalez says:

Hi Berkley, you did an amazing performance! I loved your poem! It was really good! I liked how you used props to set the visual imagery for your poem. Your tone of voice was very good. In addition, you managed to connect with the audience since you kept your gaze fixed around the camera as if you had an audience in front of you. Your pace was very good from beginning to end as you recited the poem the words were very understandable. The effort and enthusiasm you put into the poem made your presentation very fascinating. Congratulations!

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