7 comments on ““Excuses, Excuses”

Kathy Barba says:

This presentation was just adorable. Harper had lots of physical motions to emphasize the text and she modulated her voice often to give variety to the poem. Great job, Harper!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

WOOOOOW!! these are all valid excuses and I totally believe you! You did a great job at projecting your voice. Good job on your performance and keep rhyming those excuses.

Adriana Moya says:

Such a great job! I love the movements you added to the different parts of the poem. Your voice was AMAZING, it was clear and loud. I know you will do great things in the future, you should feel very proud of yourself! 🙂

Margarita Vasquez says:

My goodness I would believe you because you look so innocent! Good job on your performance Harper!

Jasmine Ruiz says:

Great job Harper! We all heard you loud and clear. No excuses here! This was very fun to watch because you were so bright and enthusiastic about your poem! Awesome!

Lesley Ramirez says:

WOW! So much enthusiasm, very joyful poem to listen to and watch. Very adorable! And we can tell you were very confident while performing! Great job, and keep it up! Looking forward to hear another poem next year!

Jeronimo Valdez says:

INCREDIBLE!!! Your use of tone inflection really helps to convey the message of the poem, and the passion that you brought with you was enormous!

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