3 comments on ““Edward the Emu”

Samantha Magana says:

Wow, Lyla! Such a fun performance to watch. You gave it your all and it is so appreciated. Thank you for working incredibly hard to put together this amazing performance. It was very enjoyable. Keep up all the hard work.

Carissa Contreras says:

Lyla, superb performance! Your choreography was perfect for the poem! You projected your voice and spoke with clarity. You were fun and entertaining to watch! Thanks so much for contributing to the Peach Blossom Festival!

Ivonne Pulido says:

Extraordinary performance! You truly demonstrated great acting skills with your clear voice and perfect hand gestures. Each hand gesture matched up with the poem perfectly! You have an outstanding memorization skill. The poem choice was awesome. It very interesting to learn about Edward the Emu !

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