4 comments on ““Captain Hook”

Jasmine says:

Hello Madilynn,

What an amazing performance! The greenscreen background adds a lot to the poem!

Samantha Magana says:

Very well performed Madilynn. I love that you used a green screen for your background, you are way more tech-savvy than I am. You spoke clearly and used great facial expressions. Overall, awesome job. Thank you for being a part of Peach Blossom 2021.

Teresa Avila says:

I love Captain Hook. You did an incredible performance! I admirer your dedication in memorizing Captain Hook. I also love your background, it went very well with your performance.

Andrea Gonzalez says:

Hi Madilynn, I congratulate you very much for your performance, your facial expressions are very graceful throughout the video. Your memorization is impeccable. Besides that your tone of voice was perfect, you can be heard very easily and I could understand each of the words you said. For reasons like these, I consider that the delivery was appropriate towards the audience. Something else that caught my attention was the image of the ship that you put in the background. This visual managed to create a connection with what your poem was about. I congratulate you very much Madilynn!

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