3 comments on ““Bear in There”

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

I hope to never run into that bear. He would scare and eat me. Fantastic job at telling the story with many voice infections. You had really good facial features when you told the beary scary parts of describing the bear. I enjoyed watching this. Keep up the hard work and you are braver than me to see that bear.

Carissa Contreras says:

Maggie, your performance was incredible! I really enjoyed how you used your voice to bring extra excitement to the words of the poem! It was fun and enjoyable to watch. Thanks for sharing!

Ceily Hepner says:

Hi Maggie!

I think you were incredible! The way you were able to change your voice was so captivating! Although you sounded different, I was still able to hear you very clearly! You did an amazing job! I would love to listen to your other poems too!

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