10 comments on ““Be Glad Your Nose is On Your Face”

Amanda Ambriz says:

Hi Hailey!
What a wonderful performance this was! I loved your hand gestures and facial expressions! This made it super fun to watch and made for a strong oral interpretation! Thank you for sharing!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

I am forever grateful my nose is on my face. I do not want to imagine where else it would go. You had great rhyming skills and storytelling skills. You were very passionate about this piece and did a great job at memorizing it. Keep up the amazing storytelling skills.

McKenna Brady says:

Great job Hailey! You were so fantastically expressive during your performance, and it really made your poem stand out! Your delivery was perfect and very memorable! I could tell that you put a lot of hard work into this performance. After hearing this poem, I can say I’m very thankful my nose is on my face!

Courtney Logan says:

Wow, Hailey! What a great performance. You had great hand gestures and choreography, which definitely showed how much you had practiced. You made this such a fun story to listen to and watch, and that is an amazing skill to have in oral interpretation. This poem definitely made me glad my nose was on my face! Keep up the great work, Hailey!

Sabrina Roberts says:

Wonderful! I loved how you acted out the poem as well it made this video super entertaining. I love your shirt too by the way; if reciting poems or even writing your own makes you happy I suggest you keep up the good work because this was phenomenal!

Jasmine Ruiz says:

Great job Hailey! You seemed so enthusiastic about your poem and recited it perfectly. You were very confident, and the hand gestures made it so much more fun! I think you will be a great performer in the future!

Angelica Morfin says:

Nicely done Hailey! Yes, I think we can all be grateful our nose being on our face! Fantastic performance and amazing choreography. I really enjoyed how each word had a hand gesture to go along with it followed by your awesome tone of voice. I can tell you put a lot of effort into reciting this poem, astonishing work Hailey! Thank you for your performance!

Meleynah Gonzalez says:

You were wonderful!!! You really brought out every part of the poem using your loud and clear voice as well as incorporating those gestures and movements. So again you were just wonderful and I hope to see more of your videos in the future so keep on sharing with us.

Nereyda Villasenor says:

Hi Hailey, haha so glad my nose is on my face and not anywhere else. Your performance was fun to watch. I admire your ability to speak with so much confidence and your ability to captivate your audience through your energy. Keep up the great work.

Heathy Ochoa says:

Hailey, this is a very well put together performance!! I love the movements and gestures that you made, it made me feel drawn into your performance. Your voice projection was excellent and the confidence that you brought made it much more intriguing. Your poem was an excellent choice for you, you had fun and I could tell that you enjoyed performing it. Again, great job Hailey!

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