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Shalika Pilippange says:

Dear Laila,
Your performance was outstanding! You put together a well-rehearsed performance. This particular performance really stands out to me because of how much hard work you put into completing this piece. You created fantastic hand movements and choreography to accompany the poem. Well done, dear!

Jacob Geller says:

Solid performance Laila, your hand gestures were spot on. I love the poem and your voice projected very well. I can tell you worked hard and practiced a lot. Awesome job!

Stephanie M says:

Hi Laila, You were the boss of this poem. I see that you put a lot of thought into learning your poem. I love your outfit as well. Great job!

Larissa says:

Hi Laila wow you did such a great job I’m so impressed. Your choreography caught my attention a lot it sure shows how much you’ve rehearsed especially when you were showing the banana such good props. Keep up the good work!

Andres Jimenez says:

Hi Laila
Your choice of Banana Dan by Kenn Nesbitt was excitable. Your use of props really made the story come alive. Also, it was noticeable that you rehearsed and practiced reading the poem. Your enthusiasm while reading the story really came across with both your voices for the character and your body language brought the story to life.

Tiera says:

I love it !!!! Your little choreography moves to the poem was perfect! Keep up the good work 🙂

Denise Davis says:

Hi Laila, I loved the way you used props it made the story really come alive. It looked like you put a lot of practiced and reading your poem. Keep up the good work

Cecilia Toribio Cid says:

Your performance was incredible, Laila. You did an amazing job of performing “Banana Dan” by Kenn Nessbitt. Your use of the banana as a prop was brilliant! Your hand movements were spot on and helped bring the story to life. This performance really stands out to me because of how much energy and excitement you put into performing this poem. From watching your fantastic performance, I can tell that you must have practiced a lot. Well done!

Courtney Logan says:

Hi, Laila! This was such a fun story and performance. Its great that we get to see you in your own classrooms this year! We get to see where you learn every day and make these awesome performances. Your choreography was vibrant and it really showed off your hard work in rehearsing. I can’t believe Banana Dan had bananaphobia the whole time! That totally caught me off guard and gave me such a good laugh. Keep up the awesome work, Laila!

David Betancourt says:

AMAZING!! Your performance of Banana Dan was very well rehearsed. You really did a good job using gestures making the poem come to life. Kenn Nesbitt would be very proud of the way you performed his poem. The best performance I have viewed this year in the festival. Great job Laila, you are very talented and keep up the good work.

Jacqueline Bella says:

Hey Laila! You did a phenomenal job on this performance! You definitely brought this poem to life by your use of gestures, movements, and tone to act our the poem in an engaging way. I enjoyed your different tones especially because it helped the poem flow seamlessly when you were performing. I also like that you even had a banana as a prop! I admire the practice and preparation that must have been dedicated to this video. Great job!

Jessica Monroy says:

Hey Laila, Wow, you did a fantastic job. I’m blown away. Your choreography drew a lot of my attention; it clearly demonstrates how much you’ve practiced, particularly when you were using the banana as a prop. Keep up the excellent job!

Francisco A says:

Hi Laila,
Outstanding work on your performance, I think using your hand movements made the poem feel more exciting and is a great way to bring attention to the audience.

richard gutierrez-soliz says:

Great job Laila! Your gestures and movements were so good!!

Patricia Soto says:

Great performance Laila! I really enjoyed the poem as well as the choreography and your enthusiasm. The choreography definitely caught my attention because I was not expecting it; I can see that you worked so hard to learn both the poem and choreography and it came out so wonderful. Awesome job, keep up the great work!

Deztiny Ochoa says:

Hi Laila! I loved your performance so much! The way you incorporated hand gestures to go with your poem was great. It was also very well rehearsed and I loved the enthusiasm you had. Keep it up!

Kalyn Goossen says:

Hi Laila!
Your performance was amazing! I loved watching your dance moves and your choreography matched perfectly. I clearly understood every word and enjoyed virtually visiting you in your classroom. Awesome job!

Aisha Abumaali says:

Hello Laila, I absolutely loved this poem and your performance. Your choreography fit perfectly with the poem! Your voice was loud and clear, and the tone of your voice changing throughout was a excellent touch. I can tell you put a lot of time into this, wonderful job!

Ivan Luna says:

Hey Laila,
What a fantastic poem! Go Banana Dan. I enjoyed watching your performance and I can tell you had that mastered and was practicing until it was perfect. Great Job.

Tarnjot Khangura says:

Hey Laila, you did a fabulous job! This poem was amazing and I really enjoyed your performance. The hand movements along with your poem made the whole performance that much better.

Minji Kim says:

Hi Laila,
You did a great job! Not only your movements, but also clear tone were awesome. I can see you enjoyed it and I also enjoyed your performance. I can tell you worked hard on it because it was so smooth. Keep up the great work!!

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