6 comments on ““And Although the Little Mermaid Sacrificed Everything…”

Elise says:

Nice work, Henry! You offer some great advice for modern mermaids.

Michael Torres says:

You had selected a challenging poem to perform and I am dazzled by how well it was done! You were very well composed, you spoke clearly and presented the story of the poem with confidence. Amazing job Henry!

Ashley Shamblin says:

Great job representing Jackson Elementary, Henry! I love the piece that you chose and how clearly you spoke. I really enjoyed the message that the piece had and appreciate you sharing it with us. Congratulations on being a part of the Peach Blossom Festival! I hope you are having a great year and continue to rock on!

Madison Berube says:

This was such an awesome read Henry! Congrats on such a great performance and all the time you spent rehearsing this.You had a great pace and diction while reading this. I felt like you were truly reading me a story which made this presentation super enjoyable.

Alexandra Carrillo says:

Henry, amazing performance. This piece is so heartbreaking and you delivered it so incredibly well. You had a sophisticated pace and made sure to pause at the proper beats. Furthermore, your efforts did not go unnoticed as this kept the audience engaged. Keep up the amazing work! Congratulations on a job well done, Henry!

Luis Torres says:

You did a great job reciting this poem an dhad really good and constant eye contact. I also liked how you were very clear and easy to understand. You had a good tone and pace throughout the whole poem. Great job!

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