8 comments on ““A Tragic Story “

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

Your spinning ability was amazing!!! your costume is really bright and colorful. Great job for using a loud voice, hand gestures, and eye contact. You did a great job at telling such a tragic story.

Lula Refai says:

Great job! Your voice was very clear and annunciation was perfect! The way you made full eye contact throughout the story was amazing! Keep at it!

Michelle Horn says:

Great job! such a wonderful poem. You read it well and so sophisticated. Good choice of poems as well, such a good one! I’d also just like too add great your outfit and hair was great as well. Beautiful.

Chinna Jewell Gregory says:

Aliese you did a wonderful job! I enjoyed how your facial expressions and body language mirrored the seriousness of the poem. The hard work and dedication you put into this poem was evident by your presentation. I hope you come back and perform for us again next year. You were awesome!!!

Madison Berube says:

Wow! Congratulations on performing such an awesome presentation Aliese! Your voice had a great story telling tone and also had wonderful diction. Your rehearsed movements made your poem super entertaining. It was so nice for us to see your performance at home this year. This was a great choice for you to read at the Peach Blossom Festival!

Brianna Cazares says:

You did a great job reciting this poem. You were well spoken and were at a good volume, you had a strong oral presentation. You also did a good job at keeping eye contact while reciting this poem. Thank you for sharing your wonderful performance with us. Keep up the good work!

Alyssa says:

Good job! I really enjoyed this story. You did such a good job on speaking clearly and I could understand you so well.

princesse sumbela says:

hey aliese, good Job on your recitation. I really enjoyed the performance . you had good volume, you did a great job a at memorizing the poem and you had good posture. I enjoyed your presentation very much.

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