13 comments on ““A Rock Makes An Excellent Puppy”

Elise says:

So well done Lilianne, and thank you for sharing your work with us. Seeing performances like this one reminds us of why we all work so hard to bring you this Festival each year! Your practice is so evident. Hopefully we can see you in person next year. 😉

Margarita Vasquez says:

This was really funny! It reminds me of my younger self trying to get my parents to buy me a dog and they would say no. I relate to this still because I still cant have a dog ha. Good job on memorizing and change of tone when it was needed, Fantastic!

Ryan Jones says:


I actually had a pet rock and I love that story.

Great job! Very impressive, keep it going!!!

Thank you so much!

Ryan and the Peach Blossom team

Alyssa says:

Lillian you did an amazing job! I really enjoyed watching your performance because you were so engaging! I can tell you practiced a lot!

Cecilia Toribio Cid says:

Excellent performance, Lilianne! You did a fantastic job of reciting this poem. This performance really stands out to me because of the facial expressions you made while performing. I had a good laugh while watching your poem performance. Your hand movements were spot on! I love how you use the rock as a prop. I can tell that you put a lot of effort into practicing and memorizing this poem. Well done!

Pa Der Lo says:

Hi Lillian, it was an amazing performance. I like your face expressions and the hand gestures as you recite the poem.

Timothy Rieping says:

You were wonderful. I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. Your body language was perfect and engaging.

Oscar Vazquez says:

Good job Lillian! I thought that your video was really well made , as you had a constant rhythm all throughout and you didnt ever look lost or like you had forgotten a line, props that there was also no cuts in the video. I loved the concept of highlighting all the good things about a rock its like a glass half full approach which is a good way to view things.

Raelissa Marquez says:

Great job Lilianne, I loved how enthusiastic you were throughout your performance as well as the shifts in your voice. I personally have a pet puppy and I can tell you a rock is a lot easier to take care of. Overall you did an amazing job hun and I loved the piece you picked.

Ana S Castrejon says:

I’ve never heard this poem before! Thank you for introducing it to me Lilianne. You changed the tone of your voice appropriately and knew when to take pauses; Id say you did an awesome job!

Jeronimo says:

Wow this was really incredible. It shows that you spent some time rehearsing the poem and the actions for it!!!

Carson says:

Hi Lillianne
I loved your poem and your glasses (super cool). You told the poem like a story and had me convinced that a rocks can be pets. Your usage of hand gestures and eye contact was spot on. When you used your hands I feel people watched them more and gave viewers more understanding of the poem.

Anissa says:

Hello Lillianne, it shows that you really took time and efforts to prepare for this performance. I enjoyed watching you because of the hand motions and prop you used. It was also easy to hear you which is great for you audience. I also enjoyed your poem that you recited because the topic was relatable to what most kids want and how they find other ways of creating a pet. Hopefully you continue to do poem performances next year.

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