16 comments on ““My Teacher Took My IPOD”

Shirley Garoutte says:

So fun girls! I giggled! Fantastic Job!!!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

You girls were very funny in this poem. The ending took a turn for laughs. You both have great music taste for your teacher to take it. You both were in synch, did well with the props, and had great body movements. Keep it up and hope your teacher buys her own iPod.

Tiera says:

You girls did a great job!!!!

McKenna Brady says:

I loved how you used expressive hand motions to really make the poem fun. It was very expressive, and it definitely made me smile. You worked really well together, and I could tell you put in a lot of practice to make this presentation perfect. Great Job!

Madisen Ring says:

Hi Kinley and Madison! Your performance was so enjoyable! The energy you brought to your perforce was so much fun to watch! You performed your lines beautifully and even had choreography to go along with it! This performance was such a great addition to the Peach Blossom Festival! Great job girls!!

Brenden Sanchez says:

Wow, what a great performance you girls did. You two worked great with one another and can tell that there was a lot of practice and effort put into this performance. You collaboratively made the poem come to life by incorporating different hand movements, such as clicking the iPod or gesturing putting headphones on. The hand-made iPod was a great prop to add to this poem. I really enjoyed you two collaboratively working with one another and making sure to give one another a part in this poem. Great Job.

Izabella Figueroa says:

Hi Kinsley and Madison. Your poem was a spontaneous way to make the situation with your iPod a funny one.You girls did a great job with your performance. I loved the humor in the poem. Thank you for learning the choreography and taking the time to memorize your lines. It was very well done. Great job!

Eman Hussein says:

Amazing work girls! This performance really put a smile on my face. I loved the IPod prop! That was really creative along with the background setup. Both of you spoke clearly and used hand gestures for more expression. I enjoyed this poem with your voices in synch. Thank you for your performance.

Taylor says:

This was super cute great job. It looks like you guys put a lot of work into this. Congratulations

Maimoua Xiong says:

Great Job Girls!
You two were in synch and great body movements along with your poem.

Hannah Kollias says:

I love this performance! It was very fun to watch, and such a funny poem. The prop was a great addition! I can tell you both put so much effort into it, so good job!!

Alyssa Stevens says:

Hi girls! I can tell you guys rehearsed this a lot. I thought everything was flowing very well. My favorite part of your performance was your synchronized dance with the poem. I loved how you guys switched every couple of parts in the poem. It made this presentation humorous and cute. I love the trees in the background and the cute sign! Although we are not in person yet, I really enjoyed this video girls! Keep up the good work!

leslie says:

Great job girls! I really enjoyed the duo performance. The choreography, smiles, gestures, and lines were all very well executed!

leslie says:

Great job girls! I really enjoyed the duo performance. The choreography, smiles, gestures, and lines were all very well executed.

Ricardo Lozada says:

Hi Kinsley and Madison, Great job on this amazing performance. Overall, could tell that a lot of time and dedication went into the concept of making this poem. I really liked how both of you would be very energetic with the use of hand movement. It was also very cool to see that you incorporated a prop like a cellphone to connect to how it feels when your teacher takes your phone away and using that to know when to do your part of the poem. Again amazing job on your poem!

Brandon Xiong says:

Hello Kinley and Madison, I loved your performance it was so cute. I thought you two did an amazing job on the performance. I love your topic about a teacher taking your iPod. It was really fun and the choreography was a great touch to the performance. You both smiled throughout your performance and I thought that was very eye catching. Great Job!

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