“Just a Slug”


Score: Stellar

Superb performance, Maddison! You had great memorization and gestures to complement your poem. The pace was smooth, and your voice was unmistakably clear. You gave the Slug in the poem character and ambition. It was fun to watch. Thank you for sharing and participating in the Peach Blossom Festival!

7 comments on ““Just a Slug”

Mrs. Gong says:

Awesome performance Madison!! Love your eye contact with the audience and you did a great job memorizing it! It flowed beautifully. 🙂

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

SLUGS ARE UNDERRATED!! You did a fantastic job at memorizing your poem. You spoke clearly, with great gestures, and facial features. I hope slugs can do anything with that kind of passion. This one was really funny and creative.

Raphael Adedigba says:

It was great how you were very articulate in your performance. There is a eye contact and focus in the performance. Great Job !

Madisen Ring says:

Hi Maddison! Your performance was so enjoyable! The confidence you brought to your performance was so amazing! I loved the changes in the tone you used and how you had all your lines perfectly memorized! Your performance was seamless and you even included gestures! Overall, great job, and what a wonderful performance this was!

Maricruz Lopez Alcantar says:

Hi Maddison! Great job on your performance and creating this poem come to life. Your acting and enthusiasm was awesome! I love that you were giving so much energy when talking about all the adventures the slug could go on and do. I also love the confidence you gave! I can only imagine how much memorization you had to do plus getting into character. This poem was a great choice for the festival. Thanks for bringing it to life!

Pamela O says:

Amazing performance Madison! I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and energy you put into this performance. You did a great job memorizing it and your voice was loud and clear.

Jeronimo Valdez says:

Incredible!! The enthusiasm you had really helped to give life to the slug almost like Frosty the Snowman! You did a great job of memorizing the lines and matching a gesture to each!

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