21 comments on ““Are Elephants Real”

Andres Jimenez says:

I really liked your change of vocal tone for each character and the way you used facial expressions to really make the story come to life.

Mrs. Gong says:

I loved this poem Myla!! You did a wonderful job memorizing it and bringing it to life! Yay!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

I would buy an elephant and name him DUMBO. You were great at changing your voices. You did great at remembering your poem and having gestures. Your outfit really went with your poem as well. Keep it up and hope you get that elephant one day.

Jasmine Garza says:

Myla, you looked fantastic and beautifully brought the poem to life. Elephants are unique and your performance with each expression and motion highlighted this!

Tiera says:

Myla you did great !!!! Elephants are my favorite animals

Madisen Ring says:

Hi Myla! The perforce you brought to the Peach Blossom Festival was such a wonderful addition! Your performance was seamless and so well presented! I was so impressed with how you had all your lines memorized and even included some choreography to go along with it! Great Job Myla!!

Winnie K. says:

That was fantastic! You did so well.
I could see the elephant lifting you
Up up off the ground.
What a delight it was to hear your query.

Justinie Yang says:

Myla, what an amazing poem you got there! I thought that it was very clever of you to use hand gestures in this video. Overall, keep up the amazing work. Elephants are also my favorite animal because they’re sociability, attentive, and aggressive.

Junwei Zhang says:

I love this Myla, you did a great job!

Breanna Torrez says:

I loved this video!! I loved the hand movements and how well and clearly you presented the poem, you did amazing!

richard gutierrez-soliz says:

That’s a really good poem Myla. Plus you did a great job with your delivery!

Zyrya Arellano says:

Hi Myla! Great job, I liked your body language it really showed how you expressed the words! You also did great with changing your tone.

Joseph Pinheiro says:

Hello Myla!! Your poem was great! Elephants are amazing animals, you chose a great one! You did a great job performing your poem!!

Pamela O says:

Myla this poem was a great choice for Peach Blossom! You were amazing at memorizing the words. I liked how you made facial expressions and great hand gestures. Making it fun to watch!

Gabriela Lemus says:

Hi Myla, I think you did a great job at speaking clearly in your performance. I like how your voice changed a little when you asked a question about whether elephants are real. I also like how you used your hands and shoulders to demonstrate your emotions in your performance. The background and your outfit added uniqueness to your poem, too. Thank you for sharing!

Myles Martin says:

Hey Myla this is Myles here and I just wanted to let you know that you spoke very well and did it with much confidence. I loved the eye contact with the camera that you had and the hand gestures of the specific things you were talking about in your presentation. Your enthusiasm and excitement kept me intrigued with the whole video. Nice Job!

David Ortiz says:

Hi Myla! You did such a great job presenting your poem. I found the poem entertaining because I use to think Elephants only lived at the Zoo. You were very confident and that is good because you did not sound nervous. Good job on presenting with a calm voice and good movements for expression. I hope you enjoyed the process of preparing and presenting this poem.

Alexandra Carrillo says:

Myla, SPECTACULAR job! You delivered such a remarkable and impressive performance! Your voice was crystal clear and your articulation was spot on. You also incorporated such wonderful and engaging hand movements which really added to your overall poem. I was also blown away by your amazing expressions and passion when reciting your piece. Spectacular work, Myla! Keep pursuing your passions!

Isela Padilla says:

Myla, you did so amazing!! I love the way you used gestures and expressions to your performance. Great job memorizing all the words!

Sara McAndrews says:

WOW Myla! I am super impressed that you memorized this poem and delivered it so well. Your gestures and facial expressions were spot on. Great job!:)

Anissa says:

Hello Myla, elephants are one of my favorite animals and can I just say that I am impressed by your performance! I find it impressive that you were able to switch the tones of your voice depending on the context of the poem. The hand motions you incorporated also added to it and I hope next year you continue to recite a poem because I’m sure people would enjoy watching you again as I sure did.

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