“Aerodynamic Mishap”


Score: Spectacular

Such a great performance!! You had amazing facial expressions and energy throughout the performance! Great job with the hand gestures to enhance your performance! I could tell you were well practiced and put in a lot of effort! Thank you for sharing your performance! I really enjoyed it!

7 comments on ““Aerodynamic Mishap”

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

You can make a great engineer or pilot making these airplanes. Keep making airplanes, just don’t hurt your teacher next time. Good job with your hand gestures, your rhyming skills, and your talking points. We can tell you had fun up there and keep it up.

Raphael Adedigba says:

Hand movements made this performance amazing. It was great to see you active and ready in this performance. Amazing job !

Elijah Porchia says:

Love the enthusiasm that you give. I can tell that you been working on this hard. The performance was very engaging as a viewer. Great movement throughout the performance.

David Betancourt says:

Congratulations on putting together a very well rehearsed performance. Your enthusiasm, gestures, and vocal tone was well represented. I really enjoyed your performance, Thank you for sharing your Art with us.

Emari Parker says:

I love the hand gestures and movements that you incorporated into your performance. You had a lot of confidence which is very important and also a great job making eye contact with your audience.

Chandler Dion says:

When I was this young I had no poetic skills whatsoever! Great job dude and keep up the great work. Your presentation skills are amazing with the various hand gestures, enthusiastic tone, and body movement. A person of any age can learn a thing or two by watching how you present!

Jeronimo Valdez says:

It really shows that you put in a lot of work to get this final result. The balance was perfect between your actions and speaking!!

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