7 comments on ““The Monster”

Claudia C Martinez says:

Hi Julian, Brandon, and Quentin, you guys were amazing!!! Thank you for putting in the time, effort and energy to participate in this year’s Peach Blossom event!

Lesley Jimenez says:

Hi guys! Great video!! I thought it was cool how you guys started the video with individual clips of you guys saying the script and at the end it was all together through a zoom call!! You guys looked very excited and happy to be doing this, great job I really enjoyed it!!
-Lesley Jimenez

Brenden Sanchez says:

What an amazing performance, I enjoyed this poem and the different ways you all had the chance in reciting it. I know this year is different and may be a little difficult collaborating with one another, but you three did an excellent job using the resources we have, especially with incorporating Zoom. Great job with reading the poem and making sure to encourage your peers to participate. This performance was well thought through, Great Job!

Angelie Vang says:

Hello Julian, Brandon, and Quentin,

You all did a wonderful job! Thank you for doing your best and reciting the poem. I really enjoyed it! I hope you all are enjoying first grade, and hopefully, you are excited for second grade now! Keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ethan Munoz says:

Hey Julian, Quentin, and Brandon! I though your guys’ skit was awesome, hopefully the monster is not real, I hope to see you guys next year! ๐Ÿ™‚

Karla Luna says:

Hi Julian, Brandon, and Quentin, great work you guys did awesome! I enjoyed that you guys all were so enthusiastic while reading your parts! You guys had such a good idea in working together remotely to put this presentation together. I love how in the end you all come together on the screen to finish the presentation. Amazing collaboration overall!

Emily Maddox says:

What a great performance! I loved the enthusiasm you used when reading your poem. It must have taken a lot of work to coordinate this project through zoom and you all did such a wonderful job!

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