4 comments on ““Princess and the Frog”

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

Your voice really made the poem come to life. I enjoyed your voice infections and the ending was really funny. You had great gestures, good eye contact, and passion. I would also chose the talking frog over the princess

Raphael Adedigba says:

This poem was very interesting and I could tell you practiced with the different voices. This was full of energy and focus. Great work!

Aisha Shami says:

Hi Alfredo,
I loved your poem, it was so funny! I really liked how you changed your tone to show when the frog and schoolboy were speaking. You also moved your hands a lot while speaking, which really helped capture my attention!

Karla Luna says:

Hi Alfredo, your presentation was amazing I can tell how much you enjoyed creating it! I really liked how you changed your voice to play the different characters. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! You are a natural!

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