19 comments on ““Sick”

Anna Herrera says:

Great job, it was an awesome performance!

Shirley Garoutte says:

Fantastic job little ladies!

Jacob Geller says:

Excellent job Darby & Gianna, Strong hand gestures, and your voices sounded great. Your hard work shows in your performance. Congratulations on a great Peach Blossom!

Ana says:

What a cute poem! I really enjoyed your performance. The hand motions were awesome.

Raphael Adedigba says:

The hand movements definitely were a big plus. I liked the way that there was great eye contact and focus in this performance. Amazing work!

Coleen Gray says:

This is such a fantastic performance! The rhythm and poetry of this piece really shine through with your recitation, and I love the way that you’ve incorporated gesture – the part where you switch places is especially fun. This has clearly been practiced to perfection – good job!

Shania Vang says:

Great work ladies! I think you both did a superb job coordinating the recital of your poem with choreography because it worked so well! It takes a lot of work and organization to create smooth transitions, so props to you both! Hope you ladies come back again next year!

McKenna Brady says:

Great Job! You were perfectly coordinated and worked very well together. The hand gestures and choreography really made your performance stand out from the others, and you both spoke with great confidence. The poem was delivered seamlessly, and I could tell you put in a lot of work and practice time.

Anthony F. says:

Your poem “sick” was performed perfectly Darby and Gianna! You two were fluent, made consistent eye contact, and kept us entertained throughout. Also, your use of gestures enhanced this even more. I look forward to listening to more performances by you two in the future.

Prince Thibeaux says:

Great work! You guys were in sync and it was easy to follow. Funny poem.

Malik R says:

Hello! I really enjoyed watching you girls perform in your video. You can really tell that you girls put in a lot of practice and effort into it. Your hard work and effort is really paying off girls. There was also not a dual moment in the video! I definitely think this performance was excellent and checked every single box! Great job.

Maricruz Lopez Alcantar says:

This was an amazing performance! I can tell you girls have worked very hard and put a lot of energy to it. The choreography fits right in with the poem which is also amazing and a big bonus on your creativity! I really enjoyed watching your performance and the way you guys emphasized on your movements and words. Great job!

Mia Daniels says:

Wow this was amazing ladies!! I am so impressed as to how animated you both were it brought lots of emotion and character throughout your speech. I loved all of the hand movement and how well it was rehearsed. You had very smooth transitions and you both knew even when the other was speaking to do movement as well which really brought this speech to life! Outstanding job both of you ๐Ÿ™‚

Melody peer says:

I liked how you guys did a duo and both took turns reading the poem!! The poem was well read and it flowed all the way up to the end. You made great eye contact to your audience when giving you poem and I also liked the hand movement!! Good job !!

christie wong says:

that was very interesting and creative! good work to you both!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Julia Gomez says:

Great Work! I really liked how you girls had it all planed out and put it together. It looked like you you girls know what you girls are doing!

Pamela O says:

Excellent performance Darby and Gianna! You girls stand out with great coordination and fun hand movements! Very well-rehearsed.

Ethan Munoz says:

Hey Darby and Gianna! I thought your skit was very neat… It helped remind me of a few things I shouldn’t do when I’m sick, its important to be mindful of others hope to see you next year!

Macy Oh says:

You two are fantastic! This was like choreographing a dance routine and you two did very well with it. The body movements paired perfectly and matched with the words you were saying. You guys showed a great example of how practice makes perfect. You two picked a funny poem to perform. Keep up the good work!

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