“Rapunzel Rapunzel”

Holly, Mannat, Rylie, Alexis, Claire

Score: Spectacular

Awesome group performance!!! I loved the story you all presented today. I thought everyone spoke clearly and brought lots of different personalities to bring the story to life. Thanks for sharing and joining this year’s Peach Blossom.

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Elise says:

How cute that you all coordinated your outfits! What a beautiful touch to a very polished performance. You all look and sound fantastic.

Hannah Ellsworth says:

Everyone: I loved your performance! You chose such a unique poem, I’ve never heard that one before and I’m going to add it to the list I keep of great poems. It was fun that you chose to do this together, and I like that you recorded it outside. Your coordination was well-planned and it felt like a polished performance. It was fun to watch! Great work!
Mannat: You have an awesome speaking voice, it is so expressive and you did a wonderful job as the first speaker of the poem!
Holly: I loved all of your gestures, they made it easy to visualize the poem and I felt like I could see it in my mind as I watched you perform!
Alexis: You performed in a wonderfully confident manner with a good volume, your part felt very direct, as though you were speaking straight to me!
Riley: You have a talent for putting emotion into your voice and it helped me focus on the nuances of the performance and on Rapunzel’s feelings: great work!
Claire: I love how much you use your hands during your parts, the movements were graceful and eye-catching and helped bring the poem to life, and your voice is lovely and clear.
Awesome work everyone!

Julia Plasencia says:

Amazing presentation girls!! I loved the gestures added, they allowed me to visually see the story you guys were trying to convey to the audience. I loved that you guys each had a turn to step up when presenting your parts because it allowed each and every one of you to shine. The tone of your voices was great and I loved that you guys seem to be having fun. Keep up the great work!!

Joshua Clark says:

I smiled so hard watching you guys, haha! There was such a profound essence of fun radiating off this performance and — oh my gosh — the color coordination and whimsical nature brought me so much joy. Excellent job, y’all!

Ryan Jones says:

You ladies were wonderful. I really think you will remember this forever. great group performance. Thank you for being a fun group of peaches!!!

Karla Silva says:

Amazing all around! From the beginning of the story to the end. I enjoyed everything from your enthusiasm, color coordinated outfits, to your location. It’s nice seeing everyone enjoying themselves! Great video!

Mai V says:

Aww! I couldn’t stop smiling while watching this. Thank you for participating because you all did a fantastic job. I love the story of Rapunzel so I really enjoyed your video. The body and hand movements went along well with the lines recited. Your voice volume wasn’t too loud or too quiet and I can hear you all clearly.

Bai Lo says:

You girls are so cute!! LOVE the matching outfit and the story of Rapunzel. I have so much fun watching this.

Malik R says:

Hello! I really enjoyed your performance all the way threw it. You girls showed a lot of effort and enthusiasm threw out your whole video! I also really liked how patient you girls were at times. And showing a tone of hand motions and movements. I give you girls a 10 no doubt!

Eman Hussein says:

Outstanding performance! This was the first time I heard this poem. Each and every one of you brought out a skill of your own. You all preformed confidently and clearly. I also enjoyed the hand movements some of you did throughout the video. Definitly put a smile on my face especially noticing you all wearing nearly the same colors. Keep up the good work girls and thank you for your performance.

Justinie Yang says:

Hi girls! You guys rocked the outfits and the poem! I enjoyed your guys’ poem very much and liked the hand gestures that you guys showed to us. Great work ladies!

Zhavon Mireles says:

This was a blast to watch. I was smiling the whole time because I can tell each of you was having fun while performing. I also liked how you all color-coordinated your outfits to match a theme. Good job keep having fun!

Breanna Torrez says:

I loved the poem it was very cute and made me laugh! Overall I loved the presentation and how well spoken you all were the video turned out amazing, Good Job!!

Abril Ojodeagua says:

This was such an enjoyable performance, I loved how you all worked well together taking turns to present your poem. The body and hand movements made it come more to life so great job! Also it was very easy to hear what you guys where saying due to your clear voices.

Alexys Ponce says:

Wow ladies I could only imagine how much time and dedication this took! Absolutely stunning performance, the coordination said it all!!

Seth Riley says:

You all did such a great job. I love that whoever was speaking stepped forward, way to own the center of the stage. You all did great on your lines and it was easy to tell you all enjoyed yourselves, which is always what you want to see! All of your enthusiasm and energy made this very enjoyable to watch.

Ana S Castrejon says:

You girls did spectacularly I truly LOVED this poem and the message behind it. Girl power!! You guys did well in changing the sequence so that it wasn’t going in the same order every time it really kept me on my toes on who to look at. You guys looked like you were having so much fun at reciting it and orchestrating this whole performance. Fantastic work!

Amanda Gutierrez says:

Hi ladies! I l really enjoyed the performance and the story, I had never heard it before. I liked how you all incorporated hand gestures and wore the the same color tops to look in sync! Very good job and I hope you all had fun working as a team!

Maribel Hurtado says:

You girls did such a great job! I would always get so nervous to speak in front of people let alone make a video! You all did such a great job! I had to click on this video since I like Rapunzel! You girls made me smile, your enthusiasm was lovely, keep it up!

Heathy Ochoa says:

Great job girls! I love how you each came up to speak for your part, it made each and everyone of you shine. Like many of the other commentators I had never heard this poem before. I was exceptionally intrigued that Rapunzel did not get her happy ever after, but hey twists and turns make it exciting. Also, the gestures that you each incorporated with your hand movements and smiles made this poem fun and it flowed very easily. I really enjoyed this, way to go girls!

Taylor Allen says:

Hi girls! You all did such a great job, I loved the poem you chose and how you organized each part. I think you all did such an amazing job at speaking very well and most importantly it looked like you were all having so much fun!

Tarnjot Khangura says:

Hey you all did a fabulous job on this performance! You all worked together flawlessly as you were in sync the whole time. It shows you all worked very hard to master this. The story of Rapunzel was very interesting to watch!

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