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Ryan Jones says:

OK, you win!!!

That gave me the chills.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I haven’t smiled like that, with a tear, in a long time.

Keep it going, you are wonderful,

Ryan and the Peach blossom team.

Claudia C Martinez says:

Aileen, you’re a natural! I love how confident you were while reciting this poem. I could tell you put a lot of time and energy into rehearsing/ memorizing your lines. You should be extremely proud of today’s performance!

Carly B says:

Way to go Aileen! You’re a natural! Your expressions brought the poem to life! Well done.

Andres Jimenez says:

Hey Aileen
I loved your rendition of A.E Mills poem “On Top of Spaghetti”. You showed both enthusiasm and excitement while reciting the poem. Your hand gestures and body language only made the poem that much better. Your use of vocal expressions to represent the emotions throughout the recital made it both a fun and entertaining watch.

Cecilia Toribio Cid says:

Amazing performance, Aileen! You did an incredible job of reciting the poem. This performance really stands out to me because of how much energy you put into performing this poem. I can tell that you put a lot of work and effort into practicing your performance. The use of hand movements was incredible! I loved how creative your hand gestures were. Excellent performance!

Iris Montejano says:

Hi Aileen, my my you are one great performer. It sounds like that meatball went on a great adventure. Your hand gestures and body language worked very well with you’re poem it made it extra saucy 🙂 All your hard work payed off you spoke the lines as if you had written them your self. Again great job!

Mai V says:

Hi Aileen. Your face expressions and hand movements made your video very exciting to watch. Your pronunciation of each word was clear and loud enough to hear just fine. Thank you for your participation. You rock!

Carlie Davenport says:

Hello Aileen!
I loved your performance, from your flower crown to your enthusiastic facial expressions! I really enjoyed how well-spoken and confident you are when presenting, and your performance really elevated the poem. You did a great job, and I can tell you put a lot of hard work and practice in. You did a great job!

Pa Der Lo says:

Hi Aileen, this is a lovely performance. I like your enthusiastic voice as you recite the poem.

Mia Daniels says:

Hello Aileen! Your performance was amazing! I remember my mother reading me this poem and you really brought it to life. Your movement throughout the speech really brought emotion and character to the speech. You made this very fun and entertaining to watch! Amazing job I enjoyed watching this and hope you do more in the future!

Giselle Corona says:

Hello Aileen,
I absolutely loved your performance while reading this poem. The facial expressions made the video very enjoyable to watch. You spoke very loud and clear. Thank you for participating keep up the good work!!

Melody Peer says:

Hi Aileen,
I think you are a real natural at giving poems. You showed enthusiasm when reciting your poem that made it interesting watching. I liked your face expressions and hand movements in this video because it showed that you liked giving this poem. Good job!!

Abril Ojodeagua says:

Hi Aileen, Your headband is so cute! You did such an amazing job. I loved your confidence, the voice changes, and all the body/hand movements, it all made your performance come to live. You have such a clear and strong voice. Great job!

Kalyn Goossen says:

Hi Aileen!
I loved watching your performance and your choreography. You spoke clearly and had a beautiful smile on your face. Thank you for giving an awesome performance!

Alex Macías says:

You looked great in the video really well done job on staying focused on towards the camera.Good job.

Seth Riley says:

You did so good Aileen! It was very easy to understand what you were saying and you clearly had practiced a lot. Way to sound and look confident throughout your performance. From your hand gestures to your tone of voice, everything was done so well!

Karla Luna says:

Hi Aileen, you did an awesome job and I loved how confident you were! Your performance was even more awesome since you made sure to include hand movements that expressed the poem. Very unique way of ending it with the sneeze. Keep up the good work!

Alexandra Carrillo says:

Aileen, right off the bat, I love the piece you chose! I remember being in grade school and reading this same book. You did such a wonderful job at bringing those memories and the piece alive! Thank you for such a stellar performance. You incorporated such beautiful hand movements as well as expressive expressions. You were clear, concise, and made sure to pace yourself at the appropriate pauses. Such an incredible job! Congratulations! and keep pursuing your passions!

Ana S Castrejon says:

Aileen, oh my goodness, you were so lively during the whole performance! I loved your prideful attitude when introducing yourself very confident in your Spanish roots. I remember this poem when I was small and to see you so charismatically recite it brought back fond memories.

Claudia Hernandez says:

This was such a funny poem and you did a great job reciting it! You spoke clearly, and you used hand gestures that made it easy to visualize what the poem meant.

Maribel Hurtado says:

Loved your energy Aileen, you did a great job with your hand gestures and put great enthusiasm which made me smile. You really made this poem come to light with your expressions as well. Wonderful job!

Leah Miller says:

Hi Aileen, I loved your performance so much! You did an amazing job and I can tell a lot of hard work went into your presentation. It reminded me of when my teachers would read me this poem, so thank you for sharing it with us at Fresno State. Keep working hard!

Minji Kim says:

Hi Aileen, it’s an amazing performance! I can tell that you really spent a lot of time on it. Your performance was so smooth and clear. Your hand gesture and eye contact were really helpful. Thank you for sharing your poem. Great job!

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