6 comments on ““I Have a Little Frog”

Suzanne says:

I loved your performance! Your energy and hand gestures really made your poem come alive, I can almost see the bubbly frog! Thanks for sharing your performance:)

Ana says:

What a cute poem!

Lani Sanchez says:

Why hello! You did such an amazing job with the poem, which is such an adorable poem. I absolutely adore the performance and you had really good hand gestures to pair with the poem. Thank you for sharing your performance!

Lani Sanchez says:

My oh my, what a beautiful performance! You did so well with your hand gestures and your vocal projection! I found the choice of poetry to be rather adorable and very entertaining to watch. Exciting work and a magnificent job!

Ethan Munoz says:

Hello Kortney, this poem was very awesome and makes me wish I could meet your frog, the hand gestures helped me imagine 🙂

Emily Maddox says:

Wow great job Kortney! That was such a cute poem and your enthusiasm really enhanced the poem. I loved your hand gestures, they when great with the story. You spoke clearly and with lots of energy. Thank you for sharing your performance with us!

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