“Good Books”


Score: Spectacular

Amazing job Sarafina! I loved your performance! I could tell you worked very hard during practice and it paid off! You had great variation in your tone and great hand gestures! You spoke so clearly and eloquently! I really enjoyed your performance! Thank you for sharing your performance!

14 comments on ““Good Books”

Shirley Garoutte says:

Wonderful job! So expressive and clearly spoken!

Ana says:

What a great poem! You did an amazing job with your voice and made the poem come to life. Way to go!

Hannah Wagener says:

Sarafina, You did an amazing job with your movements and voice. I can tell a lot of time went into practice and it really did pay off. You did a wonderful job and thank you for sharing with us.

Coleen Gray says:

Amazing work Serafina! What a wonderful poem, and you have clearly done a fabulous job memorizing it and creating gestures to go with your recitation. Your tone and clear enunciation is wonderful!

Larissa Duran says:

Great job Sarafina ! You did an outstanding job on your poem. I loved how enthusiastic you performed with your hand movements and facial expressions… it really makes you stand out. You set the stage beautifully.

Cecilia Toribio Cid says:

You did a fantastic job Sarafina! I loved how you used hand movements to emphasize what you were saying. I liked how your tone would change as you were performing the poem. Your use of tone made the performance very entertaining. I can tell that you spent a lot of time and effort practicing this amazing performance.

Jasmine Moua says:

You did a great job Sarafina! I love the hand gestures you used to tell your poem and can see that you must have practiced a lot to memorize your poem. Good books are a friendly thing to own!

Zyrya Arellano says:

Hey! I think you did great, you spoke clearly and were very expressive!

Sierra Gonzales says:

Good job Sarafina! You did such an amazing job on this poem. I really enjoyed watching you perform and be so into it by moving your hands and your facial expressions. It brought everything to life. Keep up the good work!!

Ashley Shamblin says:

I loved your performance Sarafina! I think you choreography was amazing and you could tell that you worked hard for this. Your performance was easy to hear, watch, and engage in, while giving us an amazing message all at once. All of your hard work has definitely paid off, because you did an outstanding job!

Ethan Munoz says:

Hey Sarafina! I really liked the way you used hand gestures through the whole video and that was the way you were able to express your message through the video 🙂

Audrey Wilkinson says:

You did an amazing job reciting this poem! I could clearly understand your words the entire time and your hand motions were very well executed throughout the performance. I’m sure you put in a lot of hard work and practice in order to perform so well! Thank you for sharing such a creative and well done performance with us, I really appreciated it!

Leah Miller says:

Hey Sarafina, you did such an amazing job on your poem! I could tell you worked hard and you looked so confident throughout your video. It really stood out to me because you looked so enthusiastic the whole time and spoke so clearly. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Brandon Xiong says:

Hello Sarafina, I loved your poem about books. Great choice for book lovers. I enjoyed your performance a lot. All the hand gestures were really fun to watch as well. It made me really invested in the performance. I loved the confidence you had and overall Loved the performance. Great Job!

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