15 comments on ““Chicken Nuggets“

Joshua Clark says:

I really loved the expressiveness of your gestures and the variety of your vocals! It made watching this quite joyous and engaging. Wonderful work and congratulations to you both!

Adriana Moya says:

Jose and Jahira you did amazing! I love the different gestures and tones you had with each different part of the poem. I love chicken nuggets with different sauces too! It is hard to choose! You should be very proud of yourselves for your teamwork.

Coleen Gray says:

Amazing performance both of you! The way that you varied your tone made this super engaging and a fun watch, and your gestures were awesome and well coordinated as well. Good job!

Karla Silva says:

Y’all complement each other so well! Both of you brought different elements to the poem. Jose I enjoyed your smile throughout the video and Jahira I enjoyed your hand gestures and tone. Y’all should be very proud for a job well done! Great video!

Marcos Calix says:

Hey Jose and Jahira,
Amazing performance on “Chicken Nuggets”. As soon as i saw the title I HAD to see it. I loved the way you two emphasized your words and really allowed your gestures to speak for themselves. It was absolutely enjoyable and my favorite part was when you guys said you eat chicken nuggets in your sleep. Keep up the great work!

Lorena Bernal says:

Jahira and Jose, I enjoyed watching this video. I like how you both took turns but were describing with gestures throughout. I love chicken nuggets as well and honestly it is hard to choose between sauces sometimes! Haha. Great job! Loved this performance.

Carla Camila 0bregon says:

Hi Jose and Jahira,
I would just like to say that I really enjoyed watching your performance on Chicken Nuggets. You guys really killed this seriously. You both keep up the good work!!

Jacqueline Bella says:

Jose and Jahira, this was a fun poem to watch you guys perform! I liked the choreography/gestures used throughout the video to act out the poem. It definitely brings out the words of the poem and I am sure both of you worked really hard on memorizing and practicing this choreography. I also appreciate the enthusiastic tones on certain phrases to emphasize them! You both are strong speakers and performers. Keep it up!

Justinie Yang says:

Jose and Jahira, I enjoyed your guys’ poem very much and I am a huge fan of chicken nuggets! Overall, great performance and keep up the good work.

Keila Robles says:

Hi Jose and Jahira, I loved the enthusiasm about chicken nuggets. The hand gestures were entertaining and a great addition to your performance. Good job guys!

Rocio Ramirez says:

Hey Jose and Jahira, great job on performing this poem about chicken nuggets! I love chicken nuggets too, which is what drew me to see this performance. I enjoyed the energy and hand gestures that were done throughout the performance. The gestures added more life and character to the poem. Both of your tones sounded confident and you should be very proud! Great job once again!

Abril Ojodeagua says:

You both did an amazing job! I enjoyed watching your video, you guys did a great team work. I liked how you guys took turns saying certain parts of the poem along with changing your voices , and including hand gestures. I’m a big chicken nugget fan and must say it is difficult choosing just one kind of sauce to eat them with. Great job!

Maribel Hurtado says:

Jose and Jahira your poem reminded me of when I worked at McDonalds and would always have nuggets for lunch! haha (who doesn’t like nuggets right!?) I liked how you both used hand gestures and it was clear to hear. I really enjoyed your video! Great job!

Ricardo Lozada says:

Hi Jose and Jahira, Chicken Nuggets were one of my favorite meals as a kid which made me get excited to watch this performance. The expressions and the way you used your tone of voice were what made this poem show your emotions when performing this poem. I also liked the teamwork used between the both of you as it was a great blend between both of your different types of energy, as it kept the audience’s attention to keep watching till the end.

Tarnjot Khangura says:

Hey Jose and Jahira, you both did and outstanding job with this performance! Chicken nuggets are amazing and I can eat them anytime as well. You both did a great job with hand gestures and shows your enthusiasm very well!

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