“The Little Turtle”

Milena & Rocio

Score: Spectacular

You two did such an amazing job! I can tell you both put a lot of hard work into the performance! You two did so well and being in sync with one another! I loved the hand gestures and the excitement and energy you both had! Way to go! You both really shined in this performance!

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Enrique Atanacio says:

Milena and Rocio-

Well done! i could understand clearly and with great energy!

Cool masks too!


Lorenzo Sanchez says:

You girls were so good together. You both were in synch with each other. Your hand gestures as little turtles were very creative. You both spoke loud and clear. Be very proud of your selves and keep it up!!

Julia Plasencia says:

Awsome job Milena and Rocio! I loved your performance very much because you guys had some pretty cool hand gestures that were very fun. I loved how much excitement you guys added when the turtle was swimming and snapping! it was almost as if it could snap at me as well. You guys did an amazing job with how clearly you guys sounded and were very in sync. Overall Good job and keep up the great work.

Joshua Clark says:

My gosh, Milena and Rocio — what a wonderful job! I absolutely loved how your voices overlapped. It was as if you two were one voice, and that really added to my enjoyment. Also, my goodness, your movements were so expressive and really communicated your images. What great fun!

Analise Silva says:

Wow, you both did a terrific job! I have never heard the little turtle before, thank you for showing me 🙂 You did an awesome job with each other as well. Two thumbs up!! You should be very proud of yourselves, keep up the great work!

Claudia C Martinez says:

Hi Milena and Rocio, you both did a phenomenal job! You both were in synch with each other, had great hand gestures, and was confident throughout the performance. This poem was a lot of fun!

Thanks for participating in this years Peach Blossom.

Alyssa says:

Ladies phenomenal job on your performance! I especially loved your hand gestures it really brought your performance to life! Thank you for participating!

Natalie Yang says:

Awesome job! You both did such an amazing job with the performance. I enjoyed watching it very much!

Karla Silva says:

Hi girls! I enjoyed your sweet short poem. Y’all complemented each other nicely and had great hand gestures that helped me follow along in your story. Thank you for a great video!

Lula Refai says:

You girls did wonderful together! The way that you both performed in unison while also using entertaining hand gestures made the story THAT more enjoyable! Keep it up!

Denise Davis says:

Hi girls you both an amazing job on this short cute Poem about a turtle, your performance was good I enjoyed watching it

Carla Camila 0bregon says:

Hi Milena and Rocio,
I loved your short little poem. Your voices and hand gestures were great! Keep it up you guys!!!

Iris Montejano says:

Well done girls! I can tell you both were committed and determined to give a great performance. You both were so well in tuned with each other that your performances were almost identical. I learned that turtles like to eat mosquitos and fleas. They also don’t like living in a shoe box. Great job girls!

Chloe Lynnae Sanchez says:

So awesome! You girls did an amazing job reciting your poem! I especially enjoyed the hand movements and smiles through your mask. Great job!

Jaiden Martin says:

Hi Milena and Rocio! I think you both did an amazing job!! I can tell that both of you practiced and put a lot of hard work into memorizing and presenting this poem!! I can see the energy you both have and the expression you put into your performance! Great job!!

John Rogers says:

Hi Rocio and Milena I could totally see you gals put a ton of work into this poem, you gals were talking at the same time and no one was more outgoing than the other which to me makes the poem much better. The Little Turtle was a great poem, thank you, gals! Hope to see you at the festival next year!

Justinie Yang says:

Hi Milena and Rocio! I enjoyed your guys’ poem very much and you guys did a very good job.

Gabriella Infante says:

Great job! I loved this cute little poem y’all did. I enjoyed watching this with all the hand gestures.

Giselle Corona says:

Hello girls,
Thank you so much for sharing this cute poem with me. The hand gestures made the video very fun to watch! I enjoyed watching this video very much!! Thank you again, keep up the good work!

Lani Sanchez says:

Hello girls! You two did such a fantastic job with the performance and you work tremendously well together. The hand gestures were entertaining and quite in sync. I think you both should be very proud of yourselves for doing so well!

Julia Gomez says:

Wow So Impressive!, these girls have a lot of gut performing. I enjoyed seeing the hand gestures the most. Good Job girls! The poem was so fun to hear!

Jessica Pedraza says:

Marvelous job girls, I really enjoyed watching your performance. The hand gestures that you used for the story were tremendously put together. The flow of the performance was great! It was a fantastic performance!

Treasure L. says:

Good job, Milena and Rocio! That was really great girls. Every word came through clearly and you both didn’t show any hint of being nervous, that’s awesome. I still get nervous but I need to get better so I can be like you two. Thank you, Milena and Rocio.

Ivonne Pulido says:

Stellar performance! You two spoke in synch with clarity. Your hand gestures brought the poem to life and made it even more interesting. You two displayed a great example of teamwork. I can tell you guys put a lot of hard work into your performance. Great job!

Rocio Ramirez says:

What an awesome performance! I loved the effort that both of you put into this poem. I enjoyed seeing that you were both in sync and even incorporated hand gestures throughout this performance. These hand gestures only helped emphasize the story about the little turtle and it brought everything to life. Also, you both had some beautiful masks! Thank you Rocio and Milena for this wonderful poem and for participating in this event!

Abril Ojodeagua says:

Hi Milena and Rocio! You both did such a great job! This was my first time hearing little turtle and I loved it. I liked how you guys included hand gestures to show the action of your words. Keep up the great work!

Alexys Ponce says:

Wow girls!!! What an amazing job you guys did! You can most definitely tell you girls put a lot of effort into this performance!!

Seth Riley says:

Awesome job Milena and Rocio! You guys worked together so well. I really had a great time watching and listening. I can tell you two practiced al your hand motions together and it looked great and made the story really easy to follow.

Ana S Castrejon says:

You girls were so in sync amazing job! I really liked the hand gestures that made the poem come to life. You both spoke clearly and recited every word this must’ve taken a lot of hard work great job to you both :)!

Araceli Santos says:

Great performance girls! I really enjoyed following along with the hand gestures you did. Thank you so much for letting us hear this poem it’s very catchy.

Ivan Luna says:

So cute girls! Both of you did a great job together with your performance. I think both of you nailed it and rehearsed it to perfection. “The Little Turtle,” so cute, my parents love turtles and so do I and I loved the performance.

Taylor Allen says:

That was so impressive! The way you guys can work together and have no interruptions throughout the performance was so entertaining and created me to keep focus the entire time! Keep up the amazing work.

Raymond Kober says:

Very good job girls! I can really see that you put a lot of work into memorizing the poem. You had great expressions that in your voice that made the poem clear and exciting.

Tarnjot Khangura says:

Hey Milena and Rocio, you both did an amazing job with this performance! I loved the poem and hand gestures that made it engaging and fun to watch! You both did very well with each other regarding staying in sync and performing well.

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