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Shalika Pilippange says:

Dear Hunter & Giana,

Well done! You two did a marvelous job. you both created fantastic hand movements and matched the voice and movements perfectly. Great job both of you.

Julia Plasencia says:

Amazing job Hunter & Giana! I enjoyed your performance very much because you guys portrayed very energetic vibrant energy. The matching gestures really gave me the vision of teamwork between the two. You guys also did a great job staying in tune with one another. Overall great job keep it up!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

Can I sell my sister too?? YOU both were sooooo good. You were both in synch, had hand gestures, spoke clearly. I can tell you had fun and enjoyed yourselves. Great job.

Joshua Clark says:

Oh my gosh! What a fun experience that was! You both made this poem feel so fun and engaging. Your gestures really brought the words to life! 🙂 Excellent job!

Jacob Geller says:

Fantastic performance Hunter and Giana! I love the energetic motions with the hands. I can tell you both were having fun. Excellent job!

Claudia C Martinez says:

Wow! What an amazing duo performance! This performance was super fun, catchy, and creative. I loved the energy and the overall delivery of this poem. You both should be extremely proud.

Elise says:

Was this all I had to do as a kid to get rid of my pesky sister?! Thank goodness I never knew, or who knows where my sister would be today?!
You did a great job! Even behind a mask (and a cute, safe mask!!!) your voices were loud and clear, and your memorization was fantastic! I can’t wait to see what you bring to Peach Blossom as second grader’s NEXT year!!!

Alexa Maldonado says:

This was the perfect duo! You both coordinated with each other accurately. Love the boldness! I’m glad that you both are involved in activities such as this one even given the circumstances that we are in with COVID. Keep up the good work!

Natalie Yang says:

You both were so in sync and performed so amazing together! Loved the hand motions and the eye smiles!

Lorena Bernal says:

You both did amazing in your performance. Despite having masks on, I could really feel your smiles underneath. I love this performance and I enjoyed watching how you both were doing gestures. This was fun to watch. I never watched Peach Blossom videos before but knowing that students like you are making such fun content will make me come back to watch more! Good job!!

Lucas D says:

Hi Hunter and Giana,
Great job on memorizing your poem, and using hand gestures to enhance the delivery of your performance. I though it was very cute that you both wore your school sweatshirt. The background with your school’s name and a peach was adorable. I was proud of both of you for wearing your cotton masks and keeping social distance. Special best wishes for learning and performing your poem with a lot of charisma and energy.

maggie velazquez says:

You both did an amazing job! i can tell you two are having fun while performing! Good job!

Melanie Acosta says:

Absolutely adorable! So sad I didn’t get to see your smiles because they were hiding behind a mask :(( but you both did an amazing job especially with the general gestures and expressing yourselves! This is my first time watching a Peach Blossom video before, but this definitely set the bar high once again great performance!

Gabriella Infante says:

I love this!! Even though you have masks on I can see how bright your smiles were. I enjoyed watching this

Rita Quiroz says:

Such a great performance! Good job to both of you, Hunter and Gianna. I really enjoyed this poem so much, it had me smiling the whole time. Keep up the good work!

maggie velazquez says:

You both did such a good job! it was very fun to watch keep up the good work and good job again!

Jessica Monroy says:

You did an excellent job! You two did an outstanding job. You all made excellent hand gestures that perfectly suited the voice and movements. You’ve done a fantastic job, both of you.

Maimoua Xiong says:

Well Done! Giana and Hunter, I enjoyed this performance a lot because you both are very in sync, and behind the cute mask, I can see that proud smiles!

Briana Rua says:

I really enjoyed this performance because of the positive energy that was given. Despite them having mask on they really seemed like they enjoyed performing. The way they played their act into this by moving there hands brought the whole performance together which I really loved. It made me want to sing and do the motions that they did. They give that excitement that make us want to sing with them. Good job, I hope you two perform in the next Peach Blossom!

Jessica Perez says:

Dear Hunter and Giana

Wow, great work! You two showed so much enthusiasm, I almost believed you really had a young sister for sale lol :). I used to perform in the Peach Blossom every year with my twin brother at your age, it was just a great experience. I hope you guys enjoyed as much as I used to. Thank you so much for sharing with us your wonderful performance.



Heathy Ochoa says:

This was absolutely wonderful Hunter and Giana! Even though you were both wearing your masks I could see those big smiles. You both seemed to enjoy reciting your poem, and the hand gestures and eye contact were spot on! I wished it was a little bit longer because I very much enjoyed watching you both. I love the poem choice that you made, it was comical and super funny! Thank you so much for of the Peach Blossom Festival. Hope to see you next year!

Tarnjot Khangura says:

Hey Hunter and Giana, you both did an amazing job with this performance. You were in sync the whole time and the enthusiasm and hand movements made it so much more engaging!

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