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March 9-10, 2023
2023 Registration Now Open!

Registration Deadline is February 27

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For over 60 years, the Peach Blossom Festival’s purpose has been to excite children by introducing them to oral interpretations of poetry and literature, and to allow them to have a positive experience at Fresno State! Past festivals have accommodated up to 6,000 children, and we are so excited to see the next generation of Central Valley performers.

Entry Requirements

  • Participation is limited to students in grades K-6.
  • The maximum number of entries per school is 10.
    • These groups can be large, small, trios, duos, or solos.
  • Performances are limited to five minutes in length, and materials may be memorized or read.
  • Presentations in foreign languages are enthusiastically encouraged! If the student intends to provide a translation of their selection during their performance, both the foreign language and English selections must be completed within the five minute time allowance.
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