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This year, we are building an entirely online Peach Blossom Festival so we can safely celebrate the accomplishments and performances of our Valley’s students and find ways to connect with one another from home!

The purpose of the Peach Blossom Festival has always been to excite children by introducing them to oral interpretations of poetry and literature, and to allow them to have a positive experience at Fresno State! Past festivals have accommodated up to 6,000 children, and we refuse to let a pandemic stand between our Festival and the next generation of Central Valley performers.

Submissions are now closed

If you didn’t get to participate this year, make sure to register for our festival in 2022!

How it Works

Since we are unable to host you and your students on our beautiful campus this year, we will host you here on our website!
  • We accepted pre-recorded performance videos up until March 12, 2021.
  • All entry fees were waived this year! We want every student who want to perform to be able to regardless of tightened school activity budgets.
  • Our team has reviewed each and every performance submission, and wrote thoughtful and positive feedback posted along with the performance recording on our Festival dates.
  • On March 25-26, our Performance Gallery published, making student performances viewable to you and the public, alongside dozens of performances from other Central Valley students.
  • In addition to student performances, we hosted performances from esteemed Fresno State faculty, community members, and other exciting characters your kids might just recognize!

Entry Requirements

  • Participation is limited to students in grades 1-6.
  • The maximum number of entries per school is 10.
    • These groups can be large, small, trios, duos, or solos.
      • Record your whole class on Zoom, if you want to!
  • Performances are limited to five minutes in length, and materials may be memorized or read.
  • Performances should be video-recorded in landscape format. This means a horizontally-filmed video, rather than vertically-filmed.
  • Presentations in foreign languages are enthusiastically encouraged! If the student intends to provide a translation of their selection during their performance, both the foreign language and English selections must be completed within the five minute time allowance.