Session Number Assignment for 2017


Session Times:

Session 1: Thursday March 9th 9:30 am

Session 2: Thursday March 9th 11:00 am

Session 3: Thursday March 9th 12:30 pm

Session 4: Friday March 10th 10:00 am

Session 5: Friday March 10th 11:00 am

Session 6: March 10th 12:00 pm

Check In – will be held in the lobby of the John Wright Theater (JWT), in the Speech Arts building. Only teachers can check in their students.

Campus MapsClick here to access a map of the campus

A. E. Mills Intermediate
Addams Elementary
Akers Elementary School
Alpine Vista
American Union Elementary
Ann Leavenworth
Armona Elementary
Avenal Elementary
Ayer Elementary
Benavidez Elementary
Birney Elementary
Buena Vista Elementary
Carden School of Fresno
Caruthers Elementary
Centerville Elementary
Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School
Charlie Keyan Armenian Community School
Cinnamon Elementary School
Clay Elementary School
Columbine Elementary
Crestwood Elementary School
Crossroads Christian
Crowley Elementary
Cutler Elementary
Del Rey Elementary
Dixieland Elementary
Elbow Creek Elementary
Eric White Elementary
Ericson Elementary School
Ewing Elementary School
Fairmead Elementary
Fairmont (Sanger)
Fancher Creek Elementary
Foothill Elementary School
Forkner Elementary School
Fremont Elementary
Garden School
Gibson Elementary
Golden Valley Elementary
Hazel Bailey Elementary
Hidalgo Elementary
Houston Elementary
Huron Elementary School
Indianola Elementary
Island Union Elementary School
Ivanhoe Elementary
J. E. Hester School
Jackson School – Sanger
Jackson School – Selma
James Garfield Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
John C. Fremont Elementary
John C. Martinez Elementary
John Muir
John Wash Elementary
Kennedy Elementary
Kepler Neighborhood School
Kettleman City Elementary School
Kit Carson Elementary
Lakeside Elementary
Laton Elementary
Liddell Elementary
Lincoln Elementary (Dinuba)
Lincoln Elementary (Sanger)
Lincoln Elementary- Clovis
Lincoln Elementary- Kingsburg
Linwood Elementary
Lone Star Elementary
Los Banos Elementary School
Madison Elementary School
Malaga Elementary
Malloch Elementary
Manchester School
Maple Creek Elementary School
Mario G. Olmos
Marshall Elementary School
Martin Luther King Jr. (Fresno)
Mary Immaculate Queen School
Mattew J. Brletic
McCabe Elementary School
Mendota Elementary
Mercey Springs Elementary
Mid Valley Charter School
Mission Valley
Monroe Elementary School
Mountain Homeschool Charter
Mountain View
Nelson Elementary School- Clovis
Neutra Elementary
Oak Grove Elementary
Oakhurst Elementary School
Our Lady of Victory School
Palm Elementary
Palo Verde School
Parkview Middle School
Parkwood Elementary
Phoenix Community Day School
Pine Ridge Elementary School
Quail Lake Environmental Charter School
Reagan Elementary School
Riverdale Elementary School
Rivergold Elementary
Robinson Elementary
Ronald Regan Elementary-Chowchilla
Ronald W. Reagan Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary (Dinuba)
Roosevelt Elementary (Kingsburg)
Roosevelt Elementary (Selma)
Roosevelt Elementary School (Tulare)
San Joaquin Elementary
Sanger Academy Charter School
Sequoia Elementary School
Shannon Ranch
Snowden School
St. Anthony’s
St. Paul’s School
St. Rose McCarthy Catholic School
Sun Empire Elementary
Sybil Crookham
Tamarack Elementary
Teague Elementary
Terry Elementary
Thomas Elementary
Tilley Elementary
Tranquillity Elementary
Valley Life Charter School
Vang Pao Elementary
Vinland Elementary School
Washington Elementary
Webster Elementary
Weldon Elementary
West Fresno Elementary
West Park Elementary
Western Sierra Charter School
Wilson Elementary
Wilson Elementary School – Sanger
Wilson Elementary School (Dinuba)
Winchell Elementary School
Woodrow Wilson Elementary School
Yokomi Elementary