Peach Blossom Festival 2020
Session Times and Locations

Session 1: Thursday, March 12th 9:30 am

Session 2: Thursday, March 12th 11:00 am

Session 3: Thursday, March 12th 12:30 pm

Session 4: Friday, March 13th 10:00 am

Session 5: Friday, March 13th 11:00 am

Session 6: Friday, March 13th 12:00 pm

Checking In:

Check-in will be held in the lobby of the John Wright Theater (JWT on your campus map), in the Speech Arts building. Only teachers can check in their students. For more information on check-in, please visit our FAQ page, and click on the orange Registration and Check-In tab.

Campus Map  <— linked here!

Room Assignments – 2020

Room Assignments are not available yet for 2020

Please click on your school’s name to access the PDF with your performance locations. [Note: Several schools share names, so we have designated you based on your city (ex. Lincoln – Dinuba, Lincoln – Fresno)].