What exactly is the Peach Blossom Festival?

The purpose of the Peach Blossom Festival is to expose children to oral interpretations and allow them to have a positive experience at Fresno State. The children that attend are from all areas of the Central Valley and may someday be students here. Past festivals have accommodated up to 6,000 children.


Peach Blossom’s History

The festival was started over fifty years ago as a joint effort between the Speech Communication and Theater Arts Departments at CSU, Fresno. The Festival was created to help young people realize the importance of reading literature aloud, to teach them about interpretation, performance, how to be an audience member and to give them an opportunity to visit a university campus. Since conception, the Festival has grown tremendously and now attracts schools from as far north as Livingston and as far south as Delano.

Peach Blossom Today

Today the festival is solely run by the Communication Department. Students are recruited by the festival director. These students take on the awesome responsibility of putting on the festival. Students are selected based on their attitude, responsibility, dedication, and personality. The festival committee members have fun putting on the festival and are very proud of “their” festival. Some students who have run the festival served on the committee for as many as four years. Every year these students read the suggestions and think of how they can make the festival run smoother. The Communication Department and their director are very proud of their accomplishments.