General Information

Participation is limited to students in grades 1 – 6.

Due to limited classroom availability, please do not register kindergarten or middle school students.

The maximum number of entries per school is 10.

1 large group per school will be allowed. Any group of 10 to 35 students is considered a large group

3 small groups are allowed per school. Small groups are 4 to 9 students.

Students are limited to 1 performance for scheduling and logistical reasons, and may not participate in both individual and group entries.

Performance materials may be memorized or read. If your students require reading stands, the participating school should plan to provide these.

Performances are limited to 5 minutes in length.

Presentations in foreign languages are enthusiastically encouraged! If the student intends to provide a translation of their selection during their performance, both the foreign language and English selections must be completed within the 5 minute time allowance.

Each school is responsible for providing transportation for their participants to and from the festival.

University classes and offices remain in full operation during the Peach Blossom Festival. A parking voucher will be required on the day of the event in order to avoid being ticketed by the campus police.

The University does not close for the Festival, so please prepare your students (and parents) to be respectful of classes that are in session.