Room Assignments

Where will we perform?

We know that most of the kids look forward to performing on a stage however space is limited on the campus. We only put the larger choruses on stages or in bigger rooms. Most of the individual performers will perform in classrooms all over the campus.

Can we perform in a room closer to the parking lot?

As much as we would love to accommodate this request – the truth is we book every free room on campus. We can’t promise a particular room on campus.

How can our parents find their children? (VERY IMPORTANT!!!!)

The important thing for parents is to know the name of the school and the SELECTION (name of the piece of literature) – they can go to the information booth outside and ask any committee member for a map and where their school is performing. Unfortunately many parents come not knowing which selection their child will be performing. They become angry with the committee members for not knowing which (of the 10) selections their school submitted is the one their child is performing. We no longer accept individual student names so it is important for parents to KNOW the actual name of the selection – if not they will be sent to three or four locations. Also we try to make sure our committee will know all of the possible variations of your school name but it would be helpful if parents also pointed out the correct name of the school – for example: Does your school go by White Elementary or Eric White Elementary – the city would also be very helpful. Please help us have a pleasant festival – The largest cause of stress comes from parents who rush in at the last minute and want to know where their child is but they do not know the name of the school, or the selection. More often than not they take their frustration out on our committee members. Although we empathize, we feel just as frustrated not being able to help them.

When will we know which room we are in?

Generally one week prior to the festival the schedule will be posted with room numbers. Although we post a “final” schedule make sure parents check with the information booth the morning of the performance. Sometimes the university changes rooms the night before. All committee members will have an up-to-date schedule just ask to make sure of room assignments.


Registration & Check In

Why doesn’t someone answer the phone when I call the Peach Blossom Festival phone number?

The director of the festival is not a secretary – she is a professor. So she is in her classrooms teaching. We know it can be frustrating waiting for that return phone call but committee members try to check the answering machine often so they can return calls. Please give us 24 to 48 hours to return your call. Also consider giving us a phone number where you can be reached at ANY time. Some phone calls can be returned in the late afternoon but most schools are closed – so consider giving us your cell phone number or home number if you want a quicker response.

Can we just submit the registration online?

Yes, you can submit your registration online. Please follow the REGISTER NOW button to fill out the form online. You may also register by downloading the form and then mailing in your registration forms.

If I pay with a personal check can I get a receipt so that my school will reimburse me?

Yes, we will give all schools a receipt in their registration packet. If you need it prior to the festival ask us and we will do our best to get that done for you

Will we get a confirmation regarding our registration?

No, we do not mail confirmations anymore – we will give courtesy calls with date and time assignments. We will also post a list of schools who have registered online so feel free to check that list

What if we do not know the name of the selection when we register?

Schools can still register – just let us know how many students- we can fill in the rest of the information later. All information needs to be given two weeks prior to the festival

How do we check in?

First of all only the teacher can officially check in a school. Inside the lobby of the John Wright Theater (which is in the Speech Arts building) the teacher can officially check in their school and get the registration packets. The judging forms, maps, buttons and other information will be inside the registration packets.

When should we arrive for our session?

In order for you and your students to make it to their sessions on time, it is recommended that you arrive 30-45 minutes earlier than the actual time they will be performing. The reason being is that there will be many other schools arriving at the same time and checking in. The extra time will be much needed as well for finding your assigned rooms.


Can we write one check for registration and our t-shirts?

Yes they are made out to the same name: “Fresno State”
****On the day of the festival only cash will be accepted for t-shirts.

Can we pick up our t-shirts prior to the festival?

Yes we will have the t-shirts in the Peach Blossom office starting on the Monday prior to the festival – please call ahead to make sure a committee member will be in the office. 278-4419 We will also post a schedule of times when we will be in the office to hand out t-shirts.

Can we bring our own t-shirts?

Yes schools often want to wear their school shirts to the festival so their children stand out and are easily found in a crowd. One thing we do request: do not use the name: Peach Blossom Festival and/or California State University, Fresno. Please only use your own school name. The t-shirt sale revenue is how we are able to continue the festival. We ask that you support the festival if possible – we keep the cost of the t-shirts down so that schools can afford them.

Why don’t the t-shirts come in certain colors?

We are well aware that some schools do not allow certain colors – or for that matter some slogans or emblems are not allowed. Although we cannot accommodate all requests we will post a photo of the t-shirt so that teachers can decide if the shirt will be appropriate for their schools. We listen to your suggestions but keep in mind that one person may hate white and another person is suggesting white – the same is true for all of the colors we have used.

What happened to the art contest for the students?

Unfortunately we had a lack of interest on the part of the participating schools. When only two schools submit drawings out of 200 we just didn’t feel the contest would be representative of the festival. Someday we may bring back the contest but in the meantime we will go with committee created t-shirt designs.

Parking, Business, & Lunches

Where can we park our buses?

SaveMart Center Lot 1 & 2 Signs will direct where to go.

Where can we drop off our students?

In the roundabout off of Maple of Shaw, buses will drop off and proceed to park in the SaveMart center Lot 1.

Where can our parents park?

Due to University changes, parking is no longer free, but $3 a car. Parents can pay the $3 fee and park in the Green lots.

Can you store our lunches?

Yes we will have a station set up to keep an eye on your ice chests. Please clearly mark all boxes, and ice chests. We will have student assistants sitting at a table so that you can check in your lunches and check them out.

Can we eat on campus?

Yes the student union does offer several options SubWay, Taco Bell and Panda to name a few. Keep in mind that college is in session so this area may be crowded. We suggest bringing sack lunches and finding a nice shady spot, after all our campus is beautiful.