Evaluation of Presenters

Sample Evaluation Form

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Some basic criteria used in rating

Superior – great use of creativity, arm and/or body movements, great vocal quality, eye contact, expression of face and voice, memorized

Excellent – creativity, some gestures, good vocal quality, good eye contact, mostly memorized or performed extremely well from a script

Good – vocal quality, gestures, some eye contact, maintained in character with or with out script

Fair – vocal quality good, with or with out script

The Peach Blossom Festival is run strictly as a festival, not as a contest. Entrants will be evaluated on the basis of their artistic performance, but not ranked against other schools.

Much of children’s literature is specifically written to be read aloud. The words and sentence structure are designed so as to “take on new life” when read orally. Participants are encouraged to let the words “dance” off their tongues, to use animated facial expressions, and to incorporate hand and body gestures that are creative and descriptive. Props are not allowed.

Choose selections that allow the children to “bring to life” their pieces through their voice and gestures.

Choral presentations should synchronize their performances to add greater effect to their selection.

A student or teacher should identify authors and titles of the selection(s) at the beginning of the presentation. A short introduction explaining the significance or the theme of the selection may also be included.

Participants will be judged on eye contact, voice quality, body movement, and overall performance. Also students will be judged on the age appropriateness of their selections (e.g. students in 6th grade should have more difficult selections than students in 2nd grade).

At the end of each session teachers are asked to return to the lobby area to retrieve the appropriate certificates. Please have only the teacher pick up the certificates to keep the lobby from being overcrowded. We encourage teachers to then read the evaluation forms to the students and present them with their certificates. Certificates are left blank so that teachers can spell the students names – stickers are given that indicate the award.